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#114 provide legacy builds for old computers


I just wonder if the [metro] needs to have "SSE2-code"?? As far as I tested this is the only object with SSE2-code in pd-0.43.x ?!?
..had some problems with [print], but they disappeared again..

Well I just ask, cause with pd-0.42.5 it was possible to make it run on a really oldschool machine!!!
It runs on a WIN98SE AMD1500Mhz (single-core) & onbord-sound with 12-16 ms latency (asio4all)! ..so it's a rather outdated, not-optimized-for-sound system... ...but it works like a charm! And it will works with even less I guess..

On the one hand it's good to make it run as fast as possible, on the other hand it's a good thing to make it run everywhere... The best thing would be to make [metro] (and other objects) check if it can run fast or if it only works in "compatibility-mode". ..or just set the whole pd to a "compatibility-mode" if needed...
Now, would this be alot of work??

Thx & bye


  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    Please provide as detailed information as possible including which operating system (OS), CPU type, specific hardware, and the exact distro and version of Pd itself, etc.

    For example:

    Pd version 0.41.4-extended
    Mac OS X 10.5.7/Intel
    built-in sound

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    there is no SSE2 *code* (as in: C-code) for the [metro] object. confirm [1].

    however, it might be that your version of Pd has been _compiled_ with SSE2 instructions, which _could_ make the machine-code incompatible with non-SSE2 CPUs.
    in this case, it is important to know which binary of Pd you are using (flavour, version,...).
    afaik Pd-vanilla does not use any SIMD-optimization in it's build, so it should just work.
    otoh, Pd-extended tries to get maximum performance for all objects, and therefore enables all parallelization and auto-vectorization.
    therefore, please be more specific on "which Pd" gives you trouble.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    thanks for the details.
    Yeah that's true..
    ..recent vanilla Pd 0.43.3 just works fine.
    Pd-ext 0.42.5 works as well. Actually I use the latest 0.42.5-autobuild.
    Problems started to occur with the Pd-ext 0.43.x versions..
    Once, I think it was a 0.43.0 autobuild, there was trouble with the [print] as well, but that's not a problem anymore..
    Btw. might it be that the nightly autobuilds are down??? Just wanted to give them a try..

    The test-system I have overhere is this ancient machine described above:
    AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1533MHz)
    Win98SE (+lots of tweaks...) or smaller linux-distros..
    onboard sound
    some even more ancient soundblaster-cards (..some from electronic scrap..) ..just for the midi

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    so i'm moving this to the "Feature Request" tracker, because what you really want is an additional build for legacy machines. somebody has to setup those machines.

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    • labels: --> pd-extended
    • summary: Need for SSE2 instructions?? --> provide legacy builds for old computers
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ..and I just wodered where I left the posts..
    An extra-build for old machines is the last thing that comes to my mind.
    I ask myself if there is a need for [metro] to be the only object to be compiled with SSE2-stuff?!? ..at least it's the only one I know of..
    Instead of recompiling, wouldn't it be okay to just add the externals to recent vanila-pd, like "manually"??

    Btw. Despite a little more color (...grey...) is there a big difference between pd-ext and pd-vanilla + externals (+guiplugins etc.) ??
    ..the only thing I noticed is that eg. [metro] comes in a seperate file now. That isn't the case in vanilla-pd or pd-ext 0.42.5.
    Do you know if it is possible to do some dirty transplants?? Can I somehow exchange the not-working [metro] with one of the working versions, by simply copying over some files??? I think this would be the easiest after all..

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ...what was going on here?!?
    Anyways, I still like the legacy-idea:
    Since pd0.42.5ext was the last one working without any problems, and recent pd0.44.1(vanilla) seems to work as well:
    Please can you give an answer to the question, if it is possible to implant the new pd0.44.1 just by pasting the files into the pd0.42.5ext-folder (on windows).
    I guess that would be the easiest..
    If somehow it's possible i'll give it a try, and can report it here...



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