#106 Add pd-extended GUI improvements to pd-vanilla

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It would be nice to have the following GUI improvements from pd-extended in vanilla:

- The pd-extended color scheme for objects, inlets, outlets and wires. IMHO these give important visual cues which make it easier to work with Pd, especially for beginners.

- An option in the Edit menu to toggle autopatching. It's very convenient if the user can change this on the fly while running Pd.

- jsarlo's "magic glass". In edit mode this allows you to point the mouse at a wire to peek at the data passing through the wire. This is toggled with a corresponding option in the Edit menu. This is also very convenient, and IMHO a great tool for learning Pd.

I've compiled a patch from the corresponding 3 changesets in the patch_series branch of the pd-extended git repository, which applies cleanly on top of the pure-data git repository (as of 2011-04-19). I've also fixed some 64 bit related issues with magic glass, this is included in the patch.


  • Albert Graef

    Albert Graef - 2011-06-06

    Patch to add GUI improvements from pd-extended to vanilla Pd

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    Anonymous - 2016-03-13

    How does one make use of this?

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    use patch to apply the patch to the source-code of vanilla and recompile. (this is a different kind of patch than a Pd-patch)

    Last edit: IOhannes m zmölnig 2016-03-13
  • Albert Graef

    Albert Graef - 2016-03-14

    That patch is from 2011. I doubt that it still applies cleanly to the current git sources.

    Were the suggested changes ever considered at all? I still consider these useful. Color schemes are always a matter of taste, of course, but the autopatching menu option and jsarlo's magic glass are clearly improvements that all vanilla users could benefit from, and they don't get in the way if you're not using them.



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