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#55 Stack overflow with Data Structure arrays saved in patch

puredata (322)

Instances of data structure arrays that are saved in a
patch can make that patch impossible to open again, if
they are above a certain size. With attached patch, I
can create and an array "cells" in the struct "ca" with
up to 20 times 20 elements, 21 times 21 elements will
give a message stack overflow on loading the patch.

Editing by hand or clearing the subpatch before saving
can fix the patch, but it is not real solution.

The attached two patches show one patch with an empty
subpatch (array-bug-empty.pd) and another one with an
array of 21*21==441 elements, which I cannot open anymore.

Pd versions tested include 0.39.2 on Windows and
current CVS on Linux, all show the same behaviour.


  • Frank Barknecht

    Frank Barknecht - 2006-04-13

    Pd patch to demonstrate a case not affecte by the bug

  • Frank Barknecht

    Frank Barknecht - 2006-04-18


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