#1085 inconsistent latency with mmio II


Hi, thanks IOhannes for the previous answer but consider this:

Audiobuffer settings, in this model, is an effective way to deal with
slow hardware.

Readsf~ bangs when finishes playing a soundfile, this bang triggers the
same readsf~ to open and play a randomly chosen file (open $1.wav, 1). 

Since readsf~ has to go to that file wherever it is and start reading, the
audiobuffer setting allows gap-less playback between files.

If I give 500ms readsf~ will have half a second to go anywhere in the
hard-drive and start streaming.

5400rpm hard-drives need more time to achieve this than a Pendrive. My
netbook plays my abstractions (with more than 3 readsf~ simultaneously)
with 100ms with no problem from a Pendrive but need 500ms to do it from the
5400rpm hard-drive.

Here the point is that 500ms using ASIO is fine but 500ms in MMIO has gaps.
And as mentioned previously with the toggle and the osc~ it feels that MMIO
is computing faster than 500ms.

I think that in this situation the audiobuffer is a kind of read ahead for
readsf~ which is very useful.

I switched back to 0.42.5-extended and using MMIO 500ms was fine both giving gap-less playback and the toggle in the osc~ felt more like 500ms.

It will be very cool if 0.44-extended allow 500ms or more in MMIO.

Thanx again.


If I put 500 in the Delay(ms) using MMIO in the audio settings changes are heard faster than 500ms in ASIO. tested with a toggle to a (*~) in between osc~ and dac~ in 0.43.4-extended.
This didn`t happened in previous versions.


  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    in order to keep discussion overhead to a minimum, what is the difference between this post and your followup to bug#3613961 ?
    (if there are none or only few, i would welcome it if you could add the extra information to the other report and we close this)

  • lucarda

    lucarda - 2013-05-29

    Sorry, I had no experience, I thought that “works for me” was all.
    Yes we close this.

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    • status: open --> closed


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