#1064 asio drivers do not work with asio hammerfall dsp on Windows


I'm running pd on Windows 7 64-bit. When selecting ASIO drivers in pd-extended 0.43.4 and configuring them to use ASIO hammerfall DSP pd displays an error indicating that audio is not working anymore. It definitely works with the microsoft input and output devices, and some of the additional hammerfall stereo output devices. The behavior is as follows:

1. I click on "ASIO (via portaudio)" and select as the output device "ASIO Hammerfall DSP"
2. I click apply then OK.
3. Audio stops working.
4. When I click on "ASIO (via portaudio)" then I cannot select an input device or output device at all anymore.

I did some research and found that ASIO drivers do work in pd (vanilla) 0.43.1 downloaded from http://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data/releases/0.43.1. I noticed that in pd 0.43.1 there is a directory that doesn't exist in pd-extended 0.43.4 at <pd dir>/lib/asio. If I copy this directory to my pd-extended 0.43.4 installation then the ASIO drivers work correctly with "ASIO Hammerfall DSP". I've since double-checked and the asio directory is not in lib in pd-extended windows installer or windows installer or windows zip directory.

I did not try building pd from source code, but it seems it's simply a matter of including this directory in the installer?


  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    thanks for the report, can anyone else confirm this? I don't understand why including lib/asio would change anything because all of the ASIO files are compiled into Pd itself. In Miller's builds, he compiles the asio files into the asiolib.lib and not into Pd itself. As far as I understand it, Miller builds that with Microsoft Visual C (MSVC) while Pd-extended is built using MinGW, and a MSVC libs are supposedly not fully compatible with MinGW.

    So in short, there isn't any asiolib.lib built by Pd-extended to include... did you happen to see any other warning or error messages?

  • João Pais

    João Pais - 2013-04-16

    This behaviour is true, because of this I had to have Pd-0.42.5 around when I wanted to play with my rme. In 0.44 it works again. But I didn't got as far as to try out copying the asio folder.
    I was using both xp and w7, afaik.

  • Anonymous - 2014-06-22

    I can confirm that moving vanilla asio folder to pd-extended folder helped me with asio drivers in pd-extended. (jack router is working without problems)



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