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Remote UI (UPnP) Client and Server request

Please add RUI (Remote User Interface) support


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    Maybe slightly off-topic however FYI; The Consumer Electronics Association's R7 Home Network Committee has released a new standard, CEA-2014, which is a Web-based Protocol and Framework for Remote User Interface on UPnP™ Networks and the Internet (Web4CE). In short, the standard allows a UPnP-capable home network device to provide its interface(display and control options) as a Web page to display on any other device connected to the home network. That means that you can control a home networking device through any browser-based communications method for CE devices on a UPnP home network using Ethernet and a special version of HTML called CE-HTML.

    "The upcoming era of the digital home, in which products will be connected through a UPnP home network, will see users accessing a variety of features and applications from various products in their home," says Mark Walker, Senior Platform Architect, Intel Corp. "In addition, consumer products are extending their functionality by providing direct access from consumer devices and home network PCs to Internet-based news and entertainment services delivered to the home over broadband networks such as ADSL and cable. Currently, however, there is no single cross-industry standard that simultaneously ensures home network device interoperability and a good user experience with Internet Services. The new CEA-2014 standard addresses both needs."

    For information about CEA Technology and Standards see:

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