About libupnp-1.4.1

  • azmarco

    azmarco - 2009-02-11

    I've just started a maintenance pahase of some software that make use of such a version, the strange thing is that the 1.4.1 version downloaded today has some little difference form the version we have, also tagged as 1.4.1.

    As far as I could understand the difference is related to the handling of default http page since

    The former 1.4.1 provides services like:

    -) UpnpEnableWebserver( IN int enable , IN char* def_file)
    -) UpnpSetWebServerRootDir( IN const char *rootDir , IN const char * def_file)

    Instead the currently available 1.4.1 provides:

    -) UpnpEnableWebserver( IN int enable )
    -) UpnpSetWebServerRootDir( IN const char *rootDir )

    Looking at the related code it seams that the explicit default page handling is no longer there, or at least it works in a different way...

    Could someone help me to better understand how to deal with code that makes use of the former version ?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Nektarios K. Papadopoulos

      Hi Marco,

      I did some extensive search in the repository history and some other places, but I could not found such a feature ever existing in pupnp (1.4.1 or other versions).

      My best guess, is that the version you have (tagged as 1.4.1) is modified by someone else (not in this project). Where did you get that version from? Do you have the sources?

      What do the authors of that software (using the former version) have to say?



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