#22 Memory leak in SSDP AdvertiseAndReply


Valgrind reports a memory leak function in AdvertiseAndReply (ssdp/ssdp_server.c) in libupnp 1.6.6

There are continue statements in many places in AdvertiseAndReply. In some of those error handling cases the variable nodelist is not free'ed before continuing to the next iteration. The next iteration will take care of free'ing the nodelist from the previous iteration in most cases, but not when breaking out of the for loop after the last element.

I belive this memory leak can be solved by makeing sure that the rows

ixmlNodeList_free( nodeList );
nodeList = NULL;

are always executed, also in the beginning of the last iteration when we found out that there are not more elements.

==29110== at 0x4C21C16: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
==29110== by 0x5D8DE0E: ixmlNodeList_addToNodeList (nodeList.c:106)
==29110== by 0x5D8B7E2: ixmlNode_getElementsByTagNameRecursive (node.c:1438)
==29110== by 0x5D8E587: ixmlElement_getElementsByTagName (element.c:491)
==29110== by 0x5B6C0F1: AdvertiseAndReply (ssdp_server.c:201)
==29110== by 0x5B7AB74: UpnpSendAdvertisement (upnpapi.c:1495)


  • Marcelo Roberto Jimenez

    • priority: 5 --> 9
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mroberto
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Marcelo Roberto Jimenez

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted

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