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HL7 Engine

Milestone 2.0 (Hermes)

Major release with multiple new features

HL7 engine 2.0: Major release with expanded functionality, including properties to retrieve indexed constituents of message sections, handlers for BLG, BPO and FT1 segments and fields introduced with HL7 v2.8. Additionally, bug fixes (SVN commits r175 to r189, 27-IV-2015).

Milestone 1.6 (Ganymed)

Support for MLLP blocks

HL7 engine 1.6.1: Bug fixes (SVN commits r171 and r172, 20-VIII-2014).

HL7 engine 1.6: Introduces a handler for MLLP protocol (SVN commits r163 and r169, 16-VIII-2014).

Milestone 1.5 (Fauna)

Support for SPM and PV2 segments and for new fields that were introduced in HL7 2.7

HL7 engine 1.5: Introduction of units for segment types SPM and PV2 and, for existing segments, of new fields that were introduced with HL7 2.7 (SVN commits r142 to 152 and 155, 10-V-2014).

Milestone 1.4 (Enceladus)

Support for additional fields in OBR segment

HL7 engine 1.4: Support of all fields in OBR segment, as defined in HL7 2.5 standard (SVN commit r140, 18-III-2014).

Milestone 1.3 (Delta crucis)

Support for additional segment types and parameter records

HL7 engine 1.3: Implements several additional segment types, including EVN, PID, PV1 and NK1, parameter records and bug fixes (SVN commits r80 to r110, 14-I-2014).

Milestone 1.2 (Capella)

Support for ERR segments, bug fixes

HL7 engine 1.2: Introducing a unit for handling ERR (error) segments, bug fixes for HL7 message viewer (SVN commits r72 to r75, 21-XII-2013).

Milestone 1.1 (Bootes)

Support for NTE segments

HL7 engine 1.1: Introducing a unit for handling NTE (notes and comments) segments (SVN commit r71, 14-XII-2013).

Milestone 1.0 (Alpha centauri)

First public version

HL7 engine 1.0: First SourceForge publication (SVN commits r12, r13, r15 to r33, r35 to r70, 11-XII-2013).

Unit Converter

Milestone 1.4 (Eridanus)

Support for additional metric prefixes.

Unit Converter 1.4: Adding support for additional unit prefixes and fixing bugs (SVN commits r197 to r207, 06-XII-2016).

Milestone 1.3 (Delphinus)

Support for precalculating conversion factors and for additional prefixes

Unit Converter 1.3.2: Fixing a bug that resulted in erroneous conversion if the unit prefix contained non-ASCII characters (SVN commits r168, 07-VIII-2014).

Unit Converter 1.3.1: Reintroducing support for Delphi, Delphi XE and Embarcadero RAD Studio in addition to Lazarus and Free Pascal (SVN commits r164 and r165, 31-VII-2014).

Unit Converter 1.3: Export of procedure InitConversionFactors in the interface section to support precalculation of conversion factors. Support for additional prefixes like atto, zepto and yokto (SVN commits r153, r154 and r156, 10-V-2014).

Milestone 1.2 (Cygnus)

Support for units with dimension-less numerator

Unit Converter 1.2.2: Bug fixes, integrates compatibility with Delphi, Lazarus and Free Pascal (SVN commits r113 to r132, 23-I-2014).

Unit Converter 1.2.1: Small source code modifications (SVN commit r82, 28-XII-2013).

Unit Converter 1.2.0: Conversion option for units with dimension-less numerator (e.g. "/nl" in blood cell count) added; bug fixes. (SVN commit r34, 02-XI-2013).

Milestone 1.1 (Balance)

Support for formatted output

Unit Converter 1.1.2: Minor corrections (SVN commit r14, 18-X-2013).

Unit Converter 1.1.1: Fixed a bug that caused a crash under Windows XP (SVN commit r10, 14-X-2013).

Unit Converter 1.1.0: Additional converter functions that deliver formatted output implemented (SVN commit r9, 13-X-2013).

Milestone 1.0 (Aquarius)

First public version

Unit Converter 1.0.3: Minor additions (SVN commit r8, 12-X-2013).

Unit Converter 1.0.2: Minor corrections (SVN commit r7, 12-X-2013).

Unit Converter 1.0.1: Minor corrections (SVN commit r6, 12-X-2013).

Unit Converter 1.0: First SourceForge publication (SVN commits r1 to r5, 12-X-2013).


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