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pulse team is preparing for the 0.8 release

At the moment we are preparing ourselves for the next big release: version 0.8.

A first preview version is scheduled for the end of February.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2012-01-18

pulse 0.7 final has been released

The final release for pulse 0.7 has just been published to Sourceforge. The release is available as a binary and a source distribution.

Have fun...

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-10-26

pulse 0.7 RC4 has been released

This version ensures compatibility with PostgreSQL and contains minor improvements in the XSLTOutputter. Moreover it improves the performance by using FastStringWriter and FastByteArrayOutputStream of the new org.torweg.pulse.util.io package throughout.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-09-23

pulse RC4: PostgreSQL compatibility

The upcoming fourth release candidate will ensure compatibility with PostgreSQL which is currently broken due to some strange differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL using Hibernate.
All issues will be investigated an fixed, so the final release will ensure compatibility with both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-09-21

Build failures for source distribution fixed

The latest source distribution's build was broken. We have uploaded new packages with a fixed ant build and a short description on how to configure the build properties.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-09-20

pulse 0.7 RC3 has been released

The third release candidate addresses a bug in both AbstractSummaryDescriptionContent and AbstractSummaryDescriptionVariant concerning the site-search. It also contains a performance improvement creating a non-unique index on orderCode for StoreContent and StoreVariant.

This version is planned to become 0.7 final, if no further problems are reported.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-09-15

pulse 0.7 RC2 has been released

The second release candidate for pulse 0.7 has just been released. It includes a minor bugfix regarding a NullPointerException in conjunction with tampered URLs.
Alongside the fix, we also had the time to backport two features from the 0.8 development: An additional option to remove suffixes from generated Commands (which is used by the GetFullSitemap controller) and an improved EventManager implementation which is aware of the IntelliCache feature - now allowing private caching of AJAX based responses.
For more information check out the release notes: http://pulse.torweg.org/site/Pulsar/en_US.CMS.displayCMS.359./release-notes-for-0.7-rc2---changelog

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-08-30

pulse 0.7 Release Candidate released

Finally, the release candidate for pulse has been released today.

In same run the pulse website (http://pulse.torweg.org) has been completely overhauled.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-08-19

Introducing pulse IntelliCache

The RC 1 of pulse (http://pulse.torweg.org) will be released within the next days introducing a powerful new caching feature called IntelliCache.

The pulse IntelliCache allows private caching of dynamic pages as long as the ServiceSession associated with the current request is still stateless. As soon as a vistor performs a stateful action such as adding an item to a shopping cart, IntelliCache switches to the non-caching mode, providing live views rendered on demand. IntelliCache is based upon ETags and can be easily set up in the ServiceRequest configuration, simply by adjusting the page validity. This way IntelliCache will always match your website's speed of change - from seconds to days.... read more

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-08-13

Making code even clearer

The new RequestBean concept is available in the trunk.

RequestBeans are used for annotation based processing of the Parameters of a Command.

A parameter of a method annotated with either @Action or @AnyAction that is annotated with @RequestBean can have values
injected based on Command.getParameters().

The injection is controlled by the @RequestBean.Parameter annotation.


Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-04-24

Demo layout revisited

We are currently reworking the complete demo layout for the upcoming 0.7 release.
The new demo layout will provide clearer structures to ease the customising for developers with an XSLT background.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-04-22

pulse 0.7 preview 3 released

The release addresses numerous compatibility issues and also introduces significant performance improvements.
It also introduces a simple build system for the binary distribution making future upgrades less painless. Moreover the size of the binary distribution has again been significantly decreased.
For the full release notes, please refer to http://pulse.torweg.org/site/Pulsar/en_US.CMS.displayCMS.299./

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-03-27

SVN now at Sourceforge

The moving of our SVN repository is finished.

Starting today, the whole development of pulse will be on Sourceforge.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-03-16

We are moving...

We are currently in the process of moving our SVN repository from http://pulse.dev.java.net to Sourceforge.

The moving will be finished until 2010/03/16 12:00 GMT.

Please do no longer commit to the dev.java.net repository.

Posted by Thomas Weber 2010-03-15

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