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PUK 1.x Source & PUK's Future

the PUK 1.x source code will be available in about 2 weeks in the CVS[1]. look for it on or around Sunday, July 21, 2002. PUK 1.x is written in Visual Basic. PUK 2.x is currently under development. VB and C++ versions of PUK 2.x will be available in both source code and binary forms. *official* future versions of PUK after 2.x will be written in C++. however, devs are encouraged to improve upon the VB source and also port the code to their desired languages and platforms. no release date is currently scheduled for 2.x. PUK-NG, the 2.5 release of PUK will introduce a new method to share and propagate popup & activeX blacklists. the concept is similar to Razor[2]. ... read more

Posted by Buffer.OverRun 2002-07-07