PUK 1.45.4 Source is Up!

  • Buffer.OverRun

    Buffer.OverRun - 2002-08-16

    the PUK 1.45.4 source is up![1]  :)

    you may experience errors when loading it.  please extract the licenses.zip into the same folder as the source.  if you receive any errors please report them here.  after we resolve the technical issues w/ the source i will put it in the CVS.

    [1] http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=48678&release_id=105490

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Way to go BOR !

      Just for referance, upon downloading the source, the following source is currently not included in the zip files...


      and since it's a open source project, I would imagin that source for for the following AcitveX controls will either need to be published or rewritten.  Altho the workaround will at least get the ball rolling for now (licenses.zip)


      Hope this helps with the tech Difficulties.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's been up almost 2 weeks,   have some idea's I need to test,   but I need the rest of the source to compile. 

      Any idea when we can expect it?

      Try this link  see what your version of PUK does.

    • Anonymous - 2002-08-28

      Any chance anyone has the following files they can share?


      BTW, the peron who posted the popblocker.com url is a freakin idiot! Don't visit the site unless you want to see 50 or so popup windows.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You'll have to copy the modSAPI.bas file to its own folder called SABS....

      so basically you'll end up with this...

      3 folders:
         -  modProperDlgSizeHandling.bas
         -  modRegistryFunctions.bas
         -  modResizeHandle.bas
         -  SmartEdge.bas

        -  pretty much everything else

         - modSAPI.bas

    • TJ Li

      TJ Li - 2002-11-01

      I think I did everything mentioned on the message board, but I got the following error in frmMain.log

      Line 55: Cannot load control uc3DLine1; license not found.

      I am pretty new to windows programming. How do I handle license problem. Thanks.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Extracting the licenses into the dir with the sources does not work...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      After installing, you can find the required .ocx files (hRef.ocx, Line3D.ocx, & xFXSysTray.ocx ) in 'c:\windows\system32\'.

      To take care of the licensing problem - after extracting the license files, change the .vbl extensions to .reg & double-click each one to add to the registry.

      If you also followed the previous directions, the project should load with no errors.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Somone please post a link to a *CORRECT* packaging so I can load up this project correctly!

      I am spending way to much time trying to figure out what goes where, why this error is happening etc...

      I would like to just extract a zip file with all the directorys CORRECT and not pointing to someone elses directory structure...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What specific problem are you having after following all the work-arounds above? 

      It does work if you create the directory structure specified, copy the .ocx files, & register the licenses.


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