Is PopUp Killer still Alive?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    To my knowledge, I thought the original PopUp Killer by xfx was stop. That no longer in development. Or is it still alive, just not publicly like before? I mean, I love the program after comparing all others. And all my friends use the original and nothing else. Again, thx to the creater and the developers, trully hope they can 'rebirth' the original and best popup killer that is out there.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Amen and double that........ 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've been checking back here frequently, as I agree
      with the other comments......  Even a year or more
      without support,  still hard to find a product more
      functional and effective than 1.45.
      Tonite,  see Beta 2.0.  I am very happy to see this,
      have downloaded, and have high hopes.

      Many thanks to any and all involved in trying to advance and keep this program alive....

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've recetly downloaded and been using popup killer 1.40 version. This is a brilliant peice of software and very effective, so effective and relyable i have no furth worries about popups occuring and needing my attention.

      Weldone done people, brilliant work, keep it up and lots of us out there are very happy to be abole to use this FREE software!!!!!!!!

    • David N Garnett

      David N Garnett - 2003-08-19

      PUK is  *** VERY MUCH *** alive!

      I have been using PUK for several years.  I am also a software developer, so I see both sides of the update issue.

      The main  feature I'd like to see is renewed support for black list download, so I eagerly but patiently await PUK 2.5.

      PUK is still the best popup blocker I've tried and it's free!


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