Downloading Popup Black List

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I cannot get this option to ever work.  It continues to tell me that I need a password.  What Password??  I was never given a password and the application is free???  Very confused here.  Also, when I tried to register my application it tells me that I need a license code, that I received in email, but I never got an email when I downloaded this.  Can someone help me out here and tell me what to do?  Please email me at  Thanks!

    • Dan Hamik

      Dan Hamik - 2003-07-02

      OK, simple answer to this, The original developer has discontinued this program and has released it as open source, as such, if you'd read the bug listings, the synchronize/download/upload options are NO LONGER AVAILABLE...


    • Anonymous - 2003-07-14

      Go Here!! you can read everything you need to know...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, I know the person that originally made this application is no longer involved!  Thank You.  That is why I came here to this forum.  I THOUGHT this was supposed to be a Help Forum or something.  That maybe someone here might could help me out with my situation. 

      Thanks anyway.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hey Nobody!  Read the posting above by "ahso" he's telling you str8. go to this site and download the latest version and read how to download blacklist with it.............da Weble!

    • David N Garnett

      David N Garnett - 2003-08-19

      Hmmm.  Geez, let's not be so hard on each other.  Perhaps Dan simply didn't know about Bruce's PUK site.  Gary's message was a little ambiguous.  Bruce's PUK site really does include just about everything you need to know about PUK, including a download of the black list file and instructions for merging it.

      Besides the latest black list, Bruce has LOTS of HOWTOs and other helpful PUK stuff.

      Again, its


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