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Open PUK without opening it minimized

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Everytime PUK open, it opens minimized and then you have to right click on the tray section for options and to open it. Is it possible that everytime it gets started it does it without being minimized unless in preferences the end user checks: "open minimized the next time this program is opened"
    or something like it?


    • David N Garnett

      David N Garnett - 2003-08-19

      PUK's main reason for existence is to sit unnoticed in the background and do it's work, so having a tray button is fine with me. 

      You generally don't have to right click on the tray icon.  I open the PUK window by double clicking on the tray icon.

      If this feature is important, you might suggest it directly to the developers....


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