Anup1980 - 2005-03-16

I want to test the publicvoicexml on windows 2000. I am needing help for buying a publicxmlvoice compatible ISDN card. For time being I have specification of ZyXel USB . It supports CAPI2.0. But it doesn't have DTMF. I think I will be needing it since I don't have SR engine yet..

Some details are:


ISDN Switch Compatibility- Switch type
- Euro ISDN (DSS1)
- 1TR6 (Germany)
- Taiwan DGT
- Japanese INS64

B-Channel Protocols
- V.110/V.120 rate adoption
- HDLC transparent
- X.75
- T.70NL
- T.90
- ISO 8208
- Bit transparent
- PPP, Multilink PPP

Application Interface
- Software 14.4K G3 Fax and Data MODEM
- Loopback test - 16/32-bit CAPI V2.0
- NDIS WAN miniport driver, compatible with RAS and dial-up networking Internet Access

Thanks alot in advance.

Kind Regards,
Anup Agrawal