Tina - 2006-07-19


I am trying to install and use publicVoiceXML 2.6.1 (I am running windows, and I prefer to try first the stable release). I have a CAPI-enabled card (AVM ISDN-Controller B1 PCI v4.0). Following the instructions on the "Installation Instruction for Windows" manual, I downloaded and installed the binary distribution, but when I tried to apply the patch mentioned there (http://www.publicvoicexml.org/Program%20Files/publicVoiceXML2.6.1-Patched01.zip), I saw that the link was broken, and didn't manage to find it somewhere else.

So, I tried to install the source distribution, but again, the link to the extra files that I had to download (http://www.publicvoicexml.org/Program%20Files/publicVoiceXML2.6.1-additionals.zip) was broken.

Does anyone know where I can find the patch and/or the extra files, so that I can finish with the installation?

Thank you in advance,