does publicevxml work with ordinary telephone

  • Karthik

    Karthik - 2004-07-30

    Hi Tobias,

    Thanks for the informations.
    Im working in a windows environment. To be frank, I dont have any knowledge on telecom hardwares. So I dont know what is ISDN card, but if ISDN card with CAPI2.0 is the only component which I need, then I can buy it as I already have IDSN line.

    Few more questions:
    1. Can I use publicVoiceXML with ordinary telephone lines.
    2. Is publicVoiceXML capable to recognize voice or will that work with only DTMF(I have read that it supports only DTMF).

    Thanks in Advance,

    • tobi-wan

      tobi-wan - 2004-07-31

      an ISDN card is a computer adapter (in most cases a PCI card) that allows you to connect your computer with the ISDN network.

      if you do not plan to use Linux, i'd advice you to use publicVoiceXML 2.6.1, since 3.0 is not ported to windows yet.

      concerning your questions:
      1. no, not unless you program an extension to publicVoiceXML. the program itself is designed for digital ISDN lines.

      2. at the moment, publicVoiceXML does not support speech recognition. but you are correct, sooner or later this will be a prime issue. basically, we simply lack resources that would be necessary to incorporate a speech recognition engine....

      best regards,


    • Kalyan K Kumar

      Kalyan K Kumar - 2005-08-30

      Hi Tobias,

      My questions were similar to the above poster's questins.
      (As usual )I'm planning to write an IVR.

      my doubts :
      1.I got a voice Modem.By using TAPI i could record the voice from a phone call.Is ISDN card same as Voice Modem ? If not Will publicvoiceXML work with voice modems ?
      2.How to integrate nuance speech recognition engine and Text to Speech engine to publicVoiceXML ?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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