debugging mod_perl

  • jon

    jon - 2004-08-02

    i've managed to configure apache and Apache::DB so ptkdb is started and I can see everything. I can also step through until I reach the start of my script, but when it starts httpd segfaults and the error_log is filled with lines like this:
            (Missing operator before 
    Number found where operator expected at (eval 309) line 17, near "00015 # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #

    So it seems like the code is executed with the line number from the debugger.

    It also seems like I can't put brek points in my script, all line numbers are over lined, while I can before my script is executed (during load of the debug and tk modules)

    • Andrew E. Page

      Andrew E. Page - 2004-08-08

      What version of ptkdb are you using?

      • jon

        jon - 2004-08-09

        Sorry for the lack of info in my post, was distracted and pushed submit before I was all done.

        I'm using ptkdb 1.1091, together with Apache/1.3.27 and  mod_perl/1.27. What I did to set it up was setting Apache::DB as PerlFixupHandler (changed to use ptkdb). I also added:
             push @{ $Location{"/"}->{PerlSetEnv} }, [ DISPLAY => "localhost:26.0" ];
        in httpd.conf to be able to have a display.

        Thanks in advance.


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