Anonymous - 2012-08-03

Thanks for this great Perl debugging tool!

I have successfully rebound the single-stepping buttons to match the Visual Studio key bindings (F5, F9, F10, F11), but am now trying to fix a loss-of-window-focus problem when the application terminates or is cancelled by the user (i.e. the Quit dialog appears but focus is given to some other Windows app).

So my question is … how do the developers/maintainers of debug this Perl module (presumably with itself) ?

After several "non-responsive" windows and later crashes, I did manage to set several breakpoints in the file (e.g. start of DB::DoQuit), which are correctly reported when I start up each subsequent debug session. However, when I run my test Perl script and exit/cancel it, none of the breakpoints I set in are being triggered. Hence my question above … how do you debug this Perl/Tk debugger ?