sand2snowice - 2005-12-22

Hi Andrew,
Is ptkdb still being maintained?   I'm currently using 1.1091 and I’m wondering if there were any plans to fix the expand/collapse issues noted below.  These aren't currently being tracked as bugs or requested features so maybe the first step is to add them.

The expressions browser would really serve as a good data browsing gui platform for the tool I’m building (OOPerl backend and a C++ frontend) if these features were fixed. My alternative I guess would be to look into building something myself with tkperl Data::Dumper or maybe trying to get Eclipse to work.

Couple issues with the expand/collapse data structure feature in the expressions tab of ptkdb:
•    Double clicking an expandable property of an expression expands all properties.
•    The above causes the list of data items displayed in the expressions tab to shift requiring relocating the original row that was double clicked.
•    Double clicking a row that cannot be expanded will expand other rows.
•    There's no row marking marking (+/-) showing which rows are/aren't expandable