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New beta version 1.12.2 beta released

After more than two years from the 1.12 release, and after more than one year without news, here there is a beta version of what has been developed until now.

This release has been packaged with the classic installer, as well as the .zipped version, that can run directly from the directory and stores the settings locally (the key is the psycle.ini file).

The new features are almost entirely around Lua, including an integrated editor (check out the View-> New Plugin editor), as well as fixes here and there.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2017-03-04

Psycle and Windows 10


Windows 10 has just recently been officially released, and given the ability to upgrade to it for free that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users have, it is to be expected that sooner than later you will start using Psycle on it.
I've just done that, and so far, it seems to work well (WASAPI, MIDI, VSTs in general...), but there are a few things that pop up here and there.

First off, there is a strange problem with the plugin cache. It has to be regenerated, else Psycle doesn't start. I am not sure if this is because of some concrete plugin, or it is in how the cache is saved (i couldn't made a compare between a working and a non working one).... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2015-08-02

Psycle 1.12.1 beta ready for test

Today has been published a beta of the upcoming release of Psycle.
It is the version 1.12.1, and includes mostly improvements to use samples and instruments with sampler and sampulse.

It also contains a new host for LADSPA effects (not fully tested yet) and improvements on the Lua Host that was added for 1.12.

It also fixes some bugs that were found since the release of 1.12.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2015-05-03

Psycle 1.12.0 officially released

Version 1.12 of Psycle has finally reached release status.

This version is the result of the three 1.11 betas, with three main changes from version 1.10:
The finalization of the Sampulse machine and changes in the way sampled sounds are used, including the Virtual Generator feature (See the help manual for information), a new machine host based on Lua scripting (see the LuaScriptingManual and the included scripts for information), and finally, a new skin as well as new skin options for skin developers (pattern header with track names, and ability to skin the mixer and the master)... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2014-10-05

Psycle 1.11.3 beta 32bits updated for Win XP compatibility

The 32bit Psycle 1.11.3 installer has been updated so that it is compatible with Windows XP again. A setting was changed unintentionally between beta 2 and beta 3, so a new build has been published with that setting corrected.

The 64bit Psycle will remain compatible with Vista and above.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2014-05-26

Psycle 1.11.3 beta ready for download

The third iteration of the 1.11/1.12 version is ready for download.

This one includes mostly usability improvements and improved sample format support, as well as several fixes to previous beta bugs.
It also adds a new skin feature to allow showing the pattern track names in a skinned form.
Take a look at the whatsnew.txt file for more information.

The 32bit and 64bit installers are available in the files section, inside the version 1.11 folder.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2014-05-24

Psycle 1.11.2, second beta ready.

The next beta version of Psycle is ready. Psycle 1.11.2 can be found in the Files section.

This new release contains bugfixes for several problems that existed in the first beta. Notoriously, several crashes and hangs, but also smaller ones.

Development is now focused in improving some corner cases of Sampulse and Lua, and update the help file.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2014-02-16

Psycle 1.11.1 beta ready for download

The first beta version for the upcoming 1.12 is ready. You can download version 1.11.1 from Sourceforge.

This release contains two major additions: A new Plugin Host which allows to make plugins with Lua scripting, and the first really usable version of the Sampulse Machine.
As for the first one, there are four example plugins included in the LuaScripts dir, as well as an API documentation which includes a small tutorial. Find it in the docs folder.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2014-01-18

Psycle 1.10.1 released

The update of psycle to version 1.10.1 has been officially released.

This new version includes as the primary additions, the support of multi-io VSTs (pin mapping. There is no speaker setup) and a new version of the winamp plugin.

There are also several small additions and many bugfixes from the previous version and another tutorial song.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2012-04-24

Psycle 1.10 Stable released

The new stable release of Psycle, 1.10 has just been released.

These are the most important features since the last stable one,

  • 32bits and 64bits compiles.
  • Better audio (Wasapi support, 24 and 32bits support for waveout and directsound) and better MIDI (synchronized mode works with all drivers and immediate mode is able to send commands to multiple machines, not just the selected one).
  • Plugins and application working correctly or much better at different sampling rates than 44Khz.
  • Multithreaded audio engine.
  • Settings system redone. They can be saved to other places than the windows registry and is easier to have a portable version now.
  • Many small additions, new skin, improvements in most of the dialogs and corrections.... read more
Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2011-10-23

Psycle 1.8.8 Release candidate

The release candidate of Psycle 1.8.8 has been released.
Changes include:
+ Pattern tracks can be named now. Find the new settings on the pattern properties dialog.
+ New Machine and pattern skin and default colours thanks to Angelus.
Reimplemented most of the Settings system (This includes many things, from making all them accessible from a central point in the code, an user option to save them to other places than the windows registry, real-time change of audio driver, centralized the code to import/export the visual and keyboard settings, and more)
Toolbar improvements (now they are all detachable, new graphics, some UI reordering, context menu on the sequence list). Also, separated the toolbar sourcecode into independent files.
Fonts use now default quality (which means allowing antialias if setting activated on Windows).
WireDlg, and machine parameter window can now be closed with ESC key (Only XMSampler window cannot be closed this way now).
Internal source code change: Implemented the sliders with OnHScroll/VScroll message handler (proper way of doing it) on XMSamplerMixerPage, WireDlg, Master Dialog, master slider on the toolbar and in Wave Recording machine dialog. Other improvements on the open/closing of those dialogs.
Changes on the Machine parameter windows, merged several sources. Now Native windows offer the same menu/toolbar features than VST ones.
* There are two presets files now, one in the same directory as the plugin, and a new one on the presets dialogs. This second one is called "User presets" in the banks menu and is editable from the presets dialog.
! beta 3 bugfixes (wasapi not restoring setting, wasapi problems in Vista, deadlock due to SetSampleRate, WireDlg malfunctioning, stk reverbs and stk shakers crashing/malfunctioning, jbridge integration now works )

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2011-08-21

Psycle 1.8.8 beta 3

After a couple of months, beta 3 of Psycle 1.8.8 is ready.

Major features of this new release is a complete WASAPI audio driver for Vista and 7, support for 24 and 32bits for MME waveout and Directsound, and an improved MIDI input (for both, the keyboard and sequenced modes).

Yannis midi and fluidsynth sf2 got improvements. With the improvements in midi input, psycle can be used as a softsynth now.

Finally, the multithreaded engine got some improvements too.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2011-02-22

Psycle 1.8.8 beta 2

Update: The x86 installer contained three old plugins that i used for testing.
If you have downloaded it already, delete these three files: arguru-synth-2f-old.dll, legasynth-303-old.dll and maeq-old.dll. I've uploaded an updated installer with these three files removed.

There's a new beta version for the next release.

This beta contains mostly a couple of bugfixes in the main program and updates in most of the effect plugins and some native instruments.
Concretely, legasynth sounds much better now and fluidsynth has been updated to version 1.1.2.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2010-10-05

Psycle 1.8.8 beta 1

A new beta of Psycle has been released.

New in this version is:

  • x86 and x64 builds.
  • Multithreaded audio engine (better performance in multi-core CPUs)
  • Integrated support for JBridge VST bit bridge (use 32bit VSTs in x64 and 64bit in x32). Needs to be activated in the Directories tab of settings. (Native Psycle bit bridging should come for release)
  • Migrated to Visual Studio 2008 (and its runtimes) and boost 1.41.
  • Better Vista/7 support (placement of files).
    ! Multiple fixes in the native plugins (better support of other sampling rates than 44Khz). Better UIs in some of them. (Not all native plugins revised yet).
    ! Small fixes.... read more
Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2010-08-22


This release contains mostly the fixes for the song loading (several 1.8 and 1.7 .psy files could fail to load), as well as fixes on the native plugins, happening only in the vc2005 compile.
Now it should be considered safe to use.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2009-11-02

Version resubmitted

The changes to the song loading mechanism caused songs made with the previous release to not load correctly. (Just happened with that one version).
I have fixed it for the vc2005 compile. The vc2003 compile will need to wait until the weekend to be able to upload it again.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2009-10-13

New Release. Psycle 1.8.6

A new maintenance version for Psycle has been released. Psycle 1.8.6.

This version is based on Psycle 1.8.5 and contains several fixes done during the year 2008, plus a couple of selected changes of 2009.

The main program is packed into three different installers. One for old SSE processors, another for SSE2 capable processors, and a third one for SSE2 capable processors, but compiled with visual studio 2005.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2009-10-12

Winamp plugin updated.

Psycle is a Music tracker (like FastTracker 2 or Impulse Tracker) combined with plugin modularity. It supports its own plugin API, the VST2 plugin standard, and a tracker style sampler playback.

The winamp plugin has been updated with the source code from Psycle 1.8.5 so it is now fully compatible with the current version.

The dialogs have been improved partially aswell.

It is available to download with the other 1.8.5 downloads.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2007-10-19

Release 1.8.5 released

Psycle 1.8.5 stable has been released today.

It is distributed in both, .zip and .exe (Installer) package types, and there is one for SSE CPU's and another for SSE2 CPU's. ( If your cpu has less than 4 years, you most probably can use the SSE2 version).

Note that there's a fifth download available: A VST plugin pack. You don't need to manually download it if you use the installer. If you get the .zip, then get it to have a good selection of plugins (some of them needed for the demo songs).... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2007-10-07

Psycle 1.8.5 RC2

An updated Release candidate has been uploaded to sourceforge. It only contains fixes for several problems that were found during the test period, such as problems in the Mixer machine, unstabilities in the VSThost, as well as some updates to several native plugins.

Documentation hasn't been included this time. It will be ready (with help file) for the release.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2007-08-29

Psycle 1.8.5 Release Candidate available to download

File has been re-released!
There are two packages now, one with SSE instructions (for older processors) and another with SSE2.

A new release of Psycle is ready to download: 1.8.5RC.

This release is in preparation for the forthcoming 1.8.5 stable, that will be released in a couple of weeks.

The purpose of 1.8.5RC is to allow the community at large participate in the detection of bugs and bad-behaving features before labeling it stable.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2007-07-27

Psycle 1.8.3 beta 2 just released

Update! beta2 rereleased in 2007/05/07. If your compiler is from may 6th, get it again.

A new beta of Psycle has been released for public testing.

Work has been done with the VSTHost to improve several problems detected with beta1, as well as finishing implementing the standard.
Changes on the UI side, as well as code cleanup/tweaking will be done until the final release.

There have been added some other changes, most notably in the new machine dialog, and in the song properties dialog, and some bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2007-05-07

First beta of 1.8.3 released

I am pleased to announce that the first beta of the next version of Psycle 1.8 series is ready for download and test.

It contains several bugfixes (including the annoying keyboard setup bug), plus several of the enhancements of psycle 1.9 which have been backported to it. They include the new vsthost (incomplete, but functional, so test and tell), Sampulse (still incomplete, misses load/save), mixer machine (incomplete, misses UI and way to connect effects)and the new wave editor.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2007-04-08

Psycle moves to SVN

In the last two days, we have been migrating the source code of Psycle from the CVS repository to the SVN-based one which SourceForge now offers.

Our main objective with this change was to have a clean source branch. Several people told us they had problems finding the current source code in the CVS, because of all the different modules there were.

You should find the up-to-date version in the "trunk" directory, and being able to check older versions via the tags and branches dirs.... read more

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2006-03-08

Psycle 1.8.2 released (bugfix version)

We have just released Psycle 1.8.2 in conjunction with the new compo 8 at psycledelics.
This release is mostly a bugfix version over 1.8.1, with updated plugins, an installer (as it used to), and a few more features.

The big changes (vsthost, sampulse, multiio) are still being developed, and since they weren't tested, we've preffered to release this updated version instead.

Posted by Josep Maria Antolín Segura 2006-02-26

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