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Perspective Pilot run in two classes

Perspective's Pilot Run is almost two months. There are two classes (NJ, PA) participating the pilot run. The result of it is very successful and we continue to uncover small bugs and enhancements.

In the Spring 2003, the DC area will join in. This will bring lots of cost saving to the Perspectives coordinators.

Praise God.

Steve Lihn

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-11-01

Perspectives 0.4.0 is released

0.4.0 release is the latest production stable release. It also migrates the configuration to AppConfig format that is human readable.

This makes Perspective software portable to other website and courses.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-11-01

Release 0.3.3 goes live in production

Release 0.3.3 and above is used in the production server in later September. It is hosted in CGI mode on Linux server with a cron acceleration module.

The software continues to be improved and enhanced via the feedback from users and administrator.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-10-01

Best psphw release 0.3.0 is finished.

0.3.0 release is completed. Admin Wizard is 100% finished. This is by far the best release for PSPHW.
Every major feature that I desire to have is in place.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-08-09

CGI-friendly 0.2.5c released.

This release is CGI friendly. A lot of improvement on user-friendliness. Admin Wizard is 70% completed.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-08-08

0.2.2 release is completed

0.2.2 release is a collection of bug fixes found on the demo platform. These fixes resolved some admistrative functions.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-06-18

0.2.1 release successfully installed on the demo platform

The 0.2.1 release is successfully installed on the demo platform in the PA office. It is a great milestone for this project. We will continue to shake out more bugs and improve the useability of this software. And prepare for June's demo presentation.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-05-13

0.2.1 beta release is complete

0.2.1 beta release is the most complete release by far. It is targeted for the first demo in June for all the interested hosting offices.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-05-09

0.1.5 released and updated on the test site

0.1.5 release is a milestone that all the question areas are finished including student subimitting questions as well as grader grading homework.

0.1.5 onward, I will focus on the admin function. The most urgent is to allow admin to create classes, sign up student and grader to a class.

Keep your eyes on ...

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-01-17

0.1.3c is released

0.1.3c: all the question types are functioning. Privileges are also working for all three roles. We just set up a site for internal multiuser testing.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2002-01-09

release 0.1.2 is out

This release contains a functioning system that is zipped directly from my local CVS directory.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2001-12-28

Initial check in is successful

PSPHW project is going. Steve just completed the initial check in of the prototype code. The project is set for a go.

Posted by Steve Lihn 2001-12-14

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