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Phew! It's been a while! (Releasing 2.1b)

Keep an eye out for 2.1b soon (I don't have it with me). This bug fix update won't affect you Windows users, but for linux (and possibly any mac users who got it to compile) this will fix id3 tags and file names which include apostrophes (and possibly other odd characters). I think I've got everything covered that most will ever see, but if you see any problems with characters outputting as "%27<abbreviation for character>%3B" send me an email telling me the character that is failing and I'll get a better fix out ASAP.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2008-11-25

Testing Commences!!

So it turns out that, as usual, I'm a bit behind on the PSP Hackware scene. Devhook supports up to 3.02 firmware now so I'll be able to test out the video features after all. If I find anything broken, I'll be sure to announce it, fix it, and announce the fix.

If anybody finds trouble before then, let me know.

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-12-15

PSP RSS Feed Generator 2.1a Released!

Small bug fix release. Turned out that I did have some UTF-16 encoded ID3 tags. Full, verified, support for Latin Alphabet ID3 tags is now included as of this version. If you have been getting two odd characters at the beginning of values when using PSP RSS Feed Generator, this should fix it. If you start missing the first letter of values, let me know in the support forum or by email.

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-12-10

PSP RSS Feed Generator 2.1 Released!

Good news! It compiles and runs in Linux now! You can see the changes and read the new readme in the documentation section. It also forced me to clean up my code some. Linux appears to be a lot more strict on memory errors.

Future plans:

m3u input support

I hope to eventually add support for accepting an m3u (playlist) file for the local directory input. Shouldn't be too hard, and the added benefit is that the file locations are likely to be correct. The drawback is that I need to decide how it's going to split everything up. This may be a job for 3.0.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-12-01

PSP RSS Feed Generator 2.1 is finished. (Not yet released)

I have finished everything and tested it in Windows. All features were implemented successfully. I will give a detailed list of changes when I release the update and I will make a new changes.txt file in the documentation section as well as in the Windows binary package.

The reason it is not released yet (besides needing time to make the packages) is that in Gentoo Linux, after compiling, I get a segmentation fault right after starting the program. I never even get to enter any info. If I get it to run in Knoppix, I'll release it as is. If not, I'll still release it as is, but I'll add a minor update later to fix linux support.

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-11-27

Video feeds finished. PSP channel adding half finished.

I was wrong about the 2.71 firmware. It doesn't support video feeds.

I added support for Video files (Only supported by PSP firmware 2.80 and up). So until 2.80 is added to DevHook, I won't be able to test the various video feed settings. I know the file is formatted correctly, but I don't know which methods that I've implemented are supported on the PSP.

Half way through automatic PSP channel adding.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-11-24

Album-Track sorting is finished. Moving on to Video Feeds.

Good news! File sorting was easier than expected. It works great so far, but it's an extremely wasteful algorithm. It's fast enough, considering the limits of PSP RSS channels, but I almost feel bad releasing it.

Sorry about teasing everybody. I don't mean to, I just want everybody to know that I'm working on it as I go. If there's a down turn in my free time, I'll release what I've finished as a 2.0.5 version.

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-11-21

Work on 2.1 is about to pick up.

Hey! I'm human! I have to work for a living... and work got busy... real busy... but it's letting up a bit now so I'm going to try to deflect some of my time into this project again.

A lot has changed in the PSP firmware since my last post. Version 2.70 added RSS Video support (not 3.0 like originally predicted). Version 2.71seB'', the most awesome firmware yet, has given me the ability to upgrade... Unfortunately, I can't get DevHook working so I won't be able to test the Automatic RSS Channel Adding for version 2.60, 2.70, 2.80 until I get that figured out. I can test it for 2.71 though. Here's a review of what's being added:... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-11-09

PSP RSS Feed Generator 2.0 Released!

I released it yesterday. I didn't have time to write up a news post. It's ready to go with ID3 title and author extraction and commandline flags (so that order is unimportant).

Version 2.1 will have Automatic PSP Channel Adding (for Firmware 2.6 only), Video Feed Generator (for Firmware 3.0 only), and Automatic ID3 Track Ordering.

Automatic PSP Channel Adding:
This will add the Channel you have just created to your PSP automaticly. You will specify the drive letter (or path to) your PSP and PSP RSS Feed Generator will modify the RSS Channel cache on your PSP to include your new RSS Channel. I will only be able to test this on Firmware 2.6 as I do not intend to upgrade to Firmware 2.7 in the near future. If someone is willing to send me their RSS Channel Cache from firmware 2.7 (and eventually 3.0) then I can try it. It's on your PSP memory card in PSP\SYSTEM\RSSCH\CHANNELS called CHLIST. What can I say? I like my NES games (I own a physical cartridge of each one) on the go.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-05-03

PSP RSS Feed Generator 2.0 is finished! (Not yet released!)

I believe I have finished version 2.0 of the PSP RSS Feed Generator. I have not yet released the files because it takes me about 30 minutes to format the zip and gz files accordingly (I have little in the way of organizational skillz). Also, I plan to include the readme in the actual release this time. (For those who didn't realize, it is under the "Docs" section of the SourceForge page.)... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-04-24

2.0 is moving right along

I know. It's been a while. Between "Lads to Leaders" and work, I've been busy.

I've just about finished parsing ID3v2 tags and have found that the size of the MCDI frame (CD Table of Contents binary data) is measured differently from the other frames. There was no documentation to this effect, yet every MP3 I have that has been ripped from CD has this frame arranged like so.
After that I will add typical input support (i.e., -o output, -i input, etc.). I think I'm going to leave backward compatibility so it may take a bit before 2.0 is released. As always, a -U will stop processing input.
As for version 2.1, Sony has apparently announced eventual support for video streaming in an upcoming firmware upgrade. I am going to add support for video files, however, I have no idea how they will be treated (will video and audio be accepted on the same channel/feed or must they be separate). To mitigate this, I will add the option to separate or integrate the two types. The segregation command will include input for a new output file for the video channel/feed.
And last, but clearly not least, I have recently found information about the file in which the RSS channel information is stored. I will add support for modifying this file for the new channel/feed just created. Of course, it will copy a backup in case the new one breaks for some reason.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-04-20

PSP RSS Feed Generator 1.1 Released!

Fixed a bug (translation: idiotic ommision) in my URL encoding function. It only encoded spaces before and now it does all displayable 7-bit US-ASCII encoded special characters.

Also added that user interface I promised. I have yet to attempt to compile binaries for Linux since I changed the method of converting an int to a string (sprintf instead of itoa) but I think this will compile in Linux. I will try again with Knoppix first chance I get.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-03-29

Bug found in 1.0

I want to get this bug fixed before releasing 1.1

I made the mistake of assuming that the xml file would be parsed correctly for URL special characters. Well, I need to add a function to fix that. Should be quick and easy, just need time to do it. Probably will get it done tonight.

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-03-28

PSP RSS Feed Generator 1.1 is completed! (Not Yet Released)

I will be uploading this one as soon as I can.

This version has support for a user interface by adding -U instead of any parameters. I have also added more file error checking (error output is now more than "couldn't open file").

For the next version, I plan to add support for tagged parameters (i.e., -i <input file>) while leaving backward compatibility (i.e., ordered input) even though I don't think anyone has downloaded this thing, yet.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-03-27

PSP RSS Feed Generator 1.0 Released!

This is my first Sourceforge Project so be patient with me as I get used to the process.

PSP RSS feed generator is a commandline based PSP RSS Channel XML file creator intended for beginners' use. It scans a local directory and, based on user input, creates a PSP RSS Channel compatible XML file ready to be hosted on a web site which hosts a folder possessing the same files as the local directory. Currently, it scans the local directory for aac or mp3 files and places them in the required XML data structure based on the user's input values. These values include the title of the RSS Channel, the image used on the PSP to represent the Channel, the local directory to be scanned, and the web site directory in which the files are being hosted, and the time zone offset (for date of publish for each file that is added to the channel). There is also optional input for a Channel description, copyright info, and a URL link.... read more

Posted by Optimus Prime 2006-03-21