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PSOProxy v0.91 Released

Version 0.91 of PSOProxy is now available to download in Win32, Linux or source flavours. This release should now work with the PAL version of Phantasy Star Online.

The Linux version of PSOProxy is a simple command line version of the application which should serve as a good starting point for anyone wishing to port PSOProxy to another platform.

Posted by Adrian O'Grady 2003-05-11

Linux Version

I have now created a fully functional Linux version of PSO Proxy. Hopefully, Ill be able to upload it by tomorrow evening once Ive got Windows reinstalled on my laptop (currently it crashes whenever I try to use WinCVS). The Linux version is much simpler than the Win32 version and so would be a good reference for someone wanting to port PSO Proxy to another platform such as the Mac.

Posted by Adrian O'Grady 2003-05-10

PSOProxy v0.9 Released

We are pleased to announce that PSOProxy version 0.9 is now available. This version has several changes and new features, as well as being quite heavily updated internally. The proxy server now supports virtual directories and dynamic pages. Amongst other things, this lets us give better feedback to the user when they upload their snapshot images (including showing the image on the Gamecube's screen when it's been transferred).... read more

Posted by James Sutherland 2003-02-02

PSOProxy v0.5 Released

PSOProxy version 0.5 has now been released. This is our second release, and includes several updates over the previous version, including improved error handling and reporting, gamma correction of images that are downloaded from the Gamecube and the first release of the setup guide which gives step-by-step setup instructions for various network configurations.

This new release also includes a source code archive, and a debug version to help us diagnose users' problems.... read more

Posted by James Sutherland 2003-01-11

Set Up Guide

I have just uploaded the first draft of the set up guide which can be grabbed from the CVS or from

I will try to get it finished tomorrow as it only covers BBA users on a network.

Posted by Adrian O'Grady 2003-01-09