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22.18 has a serious killall bug

Version 22.18 has a bug that means if you type no or invalid parameters then it kills everything, which is sort of how the Solaris one works but is still wrong for Linux. Version 22.19 has this fix, don't use 22.18 unless you like killing everything!

Posted by Craig Small 2012-06-22

psmisc version 22.14 released

Version 22.14 has been released. There are many fixes in this release, some small and some more important. Please read the changelog for details.

Posted by Craig Small 2011-06-20

fuser in psmisc 22.8 enhancements

One of the more significant changes in psmisc 22.8 is that fuser now can detect and display files or partitions that are being "used" as a kernel mount, NFS export or a swap partition or file. The code to do this is reasonably simple, but it is new code.

Go out and try it! It only works with the -v flag in fuser as there didn't seem to be any sensible way to put it in the non-verbose output. I'm especially interested to hear from how it handles unusual setups. I'm not even sure what that means but if you have something out of the ordinary with swaps, mounts or exports and it works I'd like to know.... read more

Posted by Craig Small 2009-07-25

psmisc 22.7 released

After serveral months of on and off development, psmisc 22.7 was released. This is a bugfix version and has no major feature improvements, with the exception of course of less bugs (I hope). The old fuser was finally retired and replaced with the new one.

I'd like to thank the various translation teams who have sent in the updated language files to make psmisc utilities talk different languages.

Posted by Craig Small 2009-05-10

PSmisc 21.1 broken, use 21.2 instead

PSmisc 21.1 has a serious problem in pstree. The code that does the indentation has a variable that is not initially set, meaning you can have random number of indent levels, if the variable is randomly set to 200,000 then that's the number of spaces you get.

Use 21.2, it fixes this.

Posted by Craig Small 2002-09-27

PSmisc 21.1 Released

psmisc version 21.1 was released today. It is essentially a bug-fix release, catching up on things that were missed with the 21.0 release. However it also now works on Hurd and has the SELinux patches from the cloak and dagger folks.

Once again, if you want psmisc to talk your language, I'm always looking for new translators for as-yet unsupported languages.

Posted by Craig Small 2002-09-26

Psmisc 21: signame fix and more languages

Version 21 of psmisc is now uploaded and ready for you to play with. In this version the signames problem (where some builds would have a problem when you try -USR1 and you sent SIGPWR instead) has been fixed, I hope. If you have problems please let me know.

This version also has locales so it should talk to you in your language. A BIG thanks to the translators for their efforts. If you want psmisc to speak your language and want to help out with the translations let me know.

Posted by Craig Small 2002-05-15

Version 20.2: Fixes for kernel2.4.12 and IPv6

I have just uploaded psmisc 20.2. The most important things are fuser fixes so that the tcp and udp namespace searches work.

There have been two problems. The first is that fuser never looked in the IPv6 sockets for processes, meaning that it would miss some.

The second is that fuser would not find any network sockets with kernel 2.4.12 as there was a change made to the /proc filesystem.

Happily both of these problems have been fixed in psmisc 20.2

Posted by Craig Small 2001-10-17

PSmisc is going international

I'm slowly converting the utilities over so that they use gettext. This will allow them to print error and status messages etc in your own language. But there are two problems.

I am not too familar with gettext. I think I've done the right thing but if you have used it before, drop us a line.

I speak English, only, so it makes it pretty hard for me to translate to something else. If you are interested in helping with the translations and you know a bit about gettext (or can learn) then let me know. As I mentioned above I'm a gettext beginner myself so I cannot hand hold too much.

Posted by Craig Small 2001-06-15

Version 20 Released

After nearly two years, a newer version of psmisc has been released. This is a bug-fixing release with not many new features.

Posted by Craig Small 2001-03-19

Please check getopt() for killall

I have now used the GNU getopt() for killall's command line checking. I'd like anyone who is not using Linux, or runs a wierd version of Linux to download the CVS and check out
that it works for them. I'd like to make sure I don't break what is existing out there.

I will probably have to put a work-around in for the getopt-less people out there, but I have to know first that they exist.

Posted by Craig Small 2000-12-15

New Website

After a long time asleep, PSmisc has now got a home on sourceforge. Thanks to Werner for his suggestions and blessing.

If you want to contribute to the project, email me and let me know what you would like to do.

Posted by Craig Small 2000-11-26

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