Miss E. C. Scott, 1; Mrs. Ella Scott, 1, _for Gloucester Sch._ TENNESSEE, $147.43. Chattanooga, First, "Member," 3. Deer Lodge, Mr. Pease, _for
Pleasant Hill Acad., Tenn._, 1. Knoxville, Miss I. F. Hubbard, Fire Escape and Sash Door, Val., 45, _for Knoxville, Tenn._ Memphis, Le Moyne Lit. Soc., 8.03. Nashville, Union, 103.08; S. of Fisk U., 7.82. Nashville, Miss'y Soc., Fisk
U., 12.50. Nashville, Rev. C. W. Dunn, _for S. A., Fisk U._, 10. Nashville, "A Friend," _for S. A., Fisk U._, 2. LOUISIANA, $4.23. Hammond, 4.23. MISSISSIPPI, 35.40. Hermanville, Miss. B. Blackburn, _for Tougaloo U._, 5. Jackson, Miss Mary J. Gibson, _for furnishing room, Tougaloo U._, 10. Meridian, Willie Bounds, 2, George W. Shumate, 3, ad'l to _Graduates Thank Offering Fund_;
S. Birthday Off., 1.90. Moorhead, Miss Eva Rogers,
_for piano_, 4.50; _for S. A._, 4. Shaw, R. T. Burroughs, _for piano,
A. G. Sch., Moorhead, Miss._, 5. GEORGIA, $15.75. Atlanta, "Friend," _for Storr's Sch._, 40 cts. Atlanta, First,
_for Share Jubilee Fund_, 50 cts. Macon, George C. Burrage, 7.60; Alma C. Childs, 3; Ellen B. Scobie, _for
Ballard Sch., Macon, Ga._, 3. Marshallville,
C. E., of Lamson Sch., 1.25. SYRIA, $40.00. Beirut, Mrs. Liva A. Shaw, to const. MISS ELLEN B. SCOBIE, L. M., 40. SOUTH AFRICA,

$10.00. Wellington, Miss Anna M. Wells, 10. INCOME, $2,634.16. Avery
Fund, _for African M._, 1,184.16; E. A. Brown, Schp. Fund, _for Talladega C._, 15.75: De Forest Fund, _for President's Chair, Talladega C._, 185; Endowment Fund, _for Southern Work_, 6.25;
Haley Sch'p Fund, _for Fisk U._, 25; Hammond Fund, _for
Straight U._, 93.75; Hastings Sch'p Fund, _for Atlanta, U._, 6.25; Howard Theo. Fund, _for Howard U._, 625.63; Howard Carter, Endowment Fund, 6.25; Le Moyne Fund, _for Memphis,
Tenn._, 137.50; Lincoln Sch'p Fund, _for Talladega C._, 22.50; Luke Memorial Fund,
_for Talladega C._, 10; Theological Fund, _for Fisk U._, 1.12; Tuthill King Fund, _for Atlanta U._, 95; Tuthill King Fund, _for Berea C._, 87.50; Scholarship Fund, _for Straight U._, 60; Seth Wadham's Theo. Fund, _for Talladega C._, 22.50; Stone Sch'p Fund, _for Talladega C._, 25;
J. & L. H. Wood, Sch'p Fund, _for Talladega C._, 25. TUITION,
$4,370.90. Cappahosic, Va., 40.50; Lexington, Ky., 125; Williamsburg, Ky., 68.2