#13 Element ignore/include mechanism


Add a mechanism for providing capability to specify
lists of elements from a particular DTD to 'ignore' --
that is, elements that, though they are in the DTD,
the user wants to omit from the list of valid
elements that the Markup>Insert Element menu provides
and omit from in the set of completions that
sgml-insert-element (C-c C-e) provides.

This might be implemented through use of "ignore" and
"unignore" lists. The 'ignore' list could be used to
specify a pattern or patterns of element names to
ignore. Any element whose name begins with an
"ignored" pattern would be ignored.

The unignore list would permit users to define
exceptions from the list of ignored element.

This would allow user to do more that just use the
ignore list to specify all the elements they want to
ignore. They could instead specify that in the
include list that *all* elements should be ignored.
and then use the unignore list to specify exactly
which elements they want to include. For example:

ignore: *
unignore: book article title para ...

So users could decide - if they just want to ignore a
few elements, it'd be easier to explicitly list them
in ignore list. If they want to ignore most
elements, it'd be easier to use the unignore list to
list just the ones they want to include.

Many users have frustration working with large DTDs
because those DTDs contain many elements that they have
no use for and would just like to ignore. But it's a
challenging a time-consuming process to create a
DTD customization to remove unwanted elements.

For editing purposes at least, it's much more
efficient and easily user-customizable to provide the
'ignore' capability at the editing application layer
level instead of at the DTD level.


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