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psDooM (aka: DooM for Sys A's) / News: Recent posts

Status Update

I haven't abandoned the project. I've just been very busy the past 9 months or so. Now, I'm looking for an east coast job and house... Needless to say, that will continue to keep me occupied with things other than psDooM. :-(.

On a brighter note, I have completed the additions to the tcl/tk frontend as well as updated the codebase to XDoom-20001001. I will create a new release once I have updated the docs and website.

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2001-03-19

Status Update

1) The weather has been beautiful (it's summer)
2) I'm extra busy with my day job
3) Other things in Real Life(tm)

The above reasons are why I haven't been keeping up on psDooM development recently. :-)

I also struggled with TCL/Tk for a bit and got frustrated. I decided to take a break, lest I get (more) burnt out and completely abandon the project.

In the meantime, I picked up "TCL/Tk in a Nutshell" at the library and looked at it. Good thing I didn't buy it. It's just a bunch of printed out, glorified manpages. Plus, it has about 4 sections on TCL and Tk; the rest are about other extensions to TCL I'd never heard of, and are probably not part of the 'standard' TCL/Tk install. Anyway, I'll eventually get back to the library and check out another book. Maybe I'll even code before I find another book, though I've decided to take out all the old code I made while floundering around and start the TCL backend from scratch again.... read more

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-08-10

Status Update

I'm currently working on the TCL/Tk based front-end to psDooM (ps-xdlaunch). A major psDooM release will probably happen after I finish it.

I've fought my battles with Tk and managed to get the psDooM-specific dialog looking pretty good. Now, all I have to do is get the TCL code behind the scenes to handle events. :-) Since I'm in the process of learning TCL/Tk by trial and error, don't expect this to progress very quickly.... read more

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-06-27

psDooM 2000.05.03.b released

Another development snapshot of psDooM has been released. It is a patch
against the first development patch, psdoom-2000.05.03.a.
Changelog is at
You may also want to look at the last Status Update at

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-06-14

Status Update

Well, I have done more work on psDooM since the 'a' development patch, but haven't yet managed to package the 'b' patch. :-(

I have changed xdlaunch into ps-xdlaunch, adding a place to insert extra command line flags to pass to ps-xdoom as well as a popup text box that lists psDooM-specific options. I still have to create a more friendly way of specifying psDooM options, with checkboxes and the like.... read more

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-06-09

psDooM 2000.05.03.a released

A development snapshot of psDooM has been released. It is a patch against the latest psDooM source tree, 2000.05.03. Changelog at:

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-05-31

Preliminary Solaris support

I have added preliminary support for the Solaris version of 'ps' (/usr/bin/ps). I am still mulling over how to release 'unstable' versions of psDooM (those between the dated versions). I'm leaning towards making them a patch against the latest release of psDooM, whether that last release was a dated release or a patch itself. psdoom-2000.05.03.a-patch.tar.gz is a patch against the psdoom-2000.05.03 source, psdoom-2000.05.03.b-patch.tar.gz is against the psdoom-2000.05.03.a-patch.tar.gz release and so on? Please reply to this thread if you have any suggestions.

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-05-15

psDooM 2000.05.03 released!

The FTP corruption issue got cleared up, so the new version of psDooM is ready to download! Changelog at

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-05-04

psDooM moves to SourceForge

The psDooM project has finished moving into SourceForge. Unfortunately, the files of the new program version were corrupted in the FTP transfer. As soon as the bad versions are deleted by SourceForge staff, new files will be uploaded and psDooM 2000.05.03 will be released.

Posted by David Koppenhofer 2000-05-03