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PS2 Emulator Framework / News: Recent posts

Bug fix...

Theres a bug in the save bmp function in Hardware.c, this happens whenever you save a snaoshot of funny screen widths (366x256 etc.)

it turns out, lines must be a multiple of 4 pixels (or bytes?).

I will upload a fix soon, but if you need it NOW then pick up that function from in the downloads section.

Posted by Bigboy 2002-08-06

PS2 Framework: version 1.1 now available

Has a few fixes, and AUDIO is now working. Anyone that tried the last version would have discovered sjeeps IRX was stuffed. Hes now fixed it. Debug text printing, screen dumping are all now included.

PLEASE let me know of any problems, suggestions etc.


Posted by Bigboy 2002-07-12

Update soon

Well, I never really looked back here after I upload the first version. I sort of thought this was gonna be a thing only I used. As it turns out, its getting around 10 downloads a day! Which is great for something so simple, Im glad others are getting use from it.

So, I'm looking to update it soon, complete with the fully working audio, and some instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Posted by Bigboy 2002-07-06

First release!!

Yup, after finally getting CVS to work, I've uploaded the first version of my PS2 emulator (and infact general) framework.

It contains various screen modes, and joystick input. It also has Sjeep's sound IRX in, but is unused at the mo. Full instructions for the IRX are there however, so you could do it yourself.

I will get some documentation together soon.

Posted by Bigboy 2002-04-29