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Code repository converted to git (from CVS)

Just to let folks know that I've converted the version-control repository from CVS to git.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2009-06-27

Release 1.07 corrected for OSX Leopard and NetBSD

This release corrects some small bugs and has been changed to work on Apple OSX Leopard (Darwin9).

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2008-12-25

ps-watcher 1.06 adds some cygwin support an

In this version some minimal cygwin support was added and support for other OS's (NetBSD, OpenBSD, OSX) was corrected. For security, a --path option to limit the path used in running commands. Some bugs were fixed and the code was modernized a little.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2006-03-10

1.04 changes

A feature was added to allow one to accumulate information over all processes via user-specified Perl code. Prolog and epilog sections were added for initialization of Perl variables and to take final action on Perl code evaluated in between. The ps-variable order in GNU/Linux was changed to ensure that single-token attributes don't get messed up by multiple-token attributes.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2004-01-18

1.01-1.03 changes

Added occurs=first-trigger to stop after first trigger match rather than first pattern match. There are some small bug fixes/feature enhancements and documentation fixes.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2003-11-22

0.99-1.01 changes

- Log output (not syslog) now contains timestamp, program and process name
- Errors concerning getting ps information logged only at debug levels
- Add -w to perl invocation.

Changes from 0.99 to 1.0
- Provision for ps returning multiple lines of output. (Solaris does this for LWP processes)
- make "make distcheck" work.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2003-08-31

0.99 Adds AIX support

also the README correcly lists Config::Inifiles rather than the obsolite IniConf. Darwin6 checked for.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2003-05-19

0.98 adds OS/X and BSDI support

Works now on BSD/OS and Mac OS/X.
There was a bug fix for FreeBSD and a more stringent regression test added.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2003-03-06

ps-watcher 0.97 released

Added the ability to take action on the entire command and args which is needed for working with scripts. Portability fixes.
Runs now on FreeBSD and tested on sourceforge compile farm.

Posted by Rocky Bernstein 2003-03-01

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