M. Lykke - 2010-12-15

I wrote to you earlier today and got this answer! But when I logged in and wanted to reply you, the artifact was gone?
Well here is my answer..written in bold after your quistions.

"The log indicates that 5 sheets were created for 38 images. No errors are
indicated in the log file and everything looks fine.

Can you send me one of these images?
There may be something about the size
or some other attribute that is causing a problem with memory management in
PS. The older the version of PS, the more likely the problem is.

There are few things you can try that would help me track down the problem
or at least let me find a work-around for you.

1 - Use Image Processor or Batch an action to make a copy of all of your
image where the size is 1024x1024 or smaller.This did not work!

2 - Try it from another account on the same machine.I have it installed on a another mac, and it works from that one!

3 - Try it on another machine, of possible.See above answer!

4 - After you make one set of sheets, restart PS and try to do another
set. That should work and indicates that something in PS/JS is (probably)
getting corrupted in memory.

5 - Download a trial copy of PSCS5, install CSX there and see if it
behaves any better. If it does (as I suspect), then you have found a
CS3-specific problem in PS. My mac only have 1,8 GB!

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you M.Lykke