DaveLisowski - 2007-10-31

I just installed and tried out Contact Sheet X version 1.3 rel 1.47 and was successful generating contact sheets of JPG files. However, I shoot RAW exclusively which give me Canon CR2 Files which I convert to DNG using Adobe DNG converter running from my Cygwin pdksh "ingest" script.

I want to generate a contact sheet of these DNG files and save the contact sheets in my lib and a copy on each archive disk.  Contact Sheet X invoked from Bridge brings up ACR which requires you to hit DONE for each and every file. Contact Sheet II which I currenty use does not have this problem.  It has the problem of leaving all these files OPEN which must be manually closed in Photoshop (naturally with a keyboard action). Usually I wind up with 30 or more sheets to close in a archive. Thus, Contact Sheet X would help me a lot with this process if only it would just call on ACR to upload.  This code must be in the existing script for contact sheet II.