New release, call for testing

The new proxytunnel 1.6 release is ready and we are looking for people to provide some feedback before we do a 'real' release. Please try the new version (from cvs) and provide feedback to the mailinglist.

The list of new features:
- Replaced -g/-G (proxy host and port) with -p proxy:post shorthand
- Replaced -d/-D (dest host and port) with -d host:post shorthand
- Dropped -n option (dottedquad)
- Small change to make compiler on tandem/hp-nonstop happy
by Roberto Veldhoven
- Small change to work around broken proxies by Stephane Engel
- Changed client_len from size_t to socklen_t (64bit required)
- Makefile vars now no longer override environment versions
- Added proxy-bouncing support, courtesy of Dag Wieers, authentication
only works on the FIRST proxy, not on a second proxy !!
- Added SSL encryption to the data-layer to fool proxies that do deep-
packet inspection, by: Alex Peuchert
- Added -x/--proctitle option, to hide/obfuscate the proxytunnel
command-line in process-listings. This code is disabled by default
But can be enabled by uncommenting the define in the Makefile.
Please test this code on systems available to you :)
- If you specify a username, but not a password, query the user for
the password at runtime.
- Removed md[45].[ch] and use functions from openssl
- Allow overriding of NTLM 'DOMAIN', using -t
- Included version-2 of the NTLM patch by Paul Solomon

Posted by Mark Janssen 2006-02-07

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