What feature would you most like to see...

  • Mark Janssen

    Mark Janssen - 2002-11-20

    Hi... we have more or less finisched proxytunnel with all the idea's we had in the beginning. What are the features you think we should add now to make proxytunnel even better.
    I'll list some items on our to-do list in comments below

    • Mark Janssen

      Mark Janssen - 2002-11-20

      One of the few things high up on the to-do list is dotfiles/configfiles so the proxy host/port and username/password can be specified in there (and be hidden from 'ps' output).

      Any other idea's or extensions to this one... ?

    • Guilhem Frézou

      Guilhem Frézou - 2005-07-14

      Hi !

      First thanks you very much for this great tool !

      What about supporting proxies which require a NTLM-type authentication ?

    • Mark Janssen

      Mark Janssen - 2006-02-07

      This is supported in the 1.5.2 and beyond tree.
      1.6 is due out this week... check it out


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