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Just a suggestion

  • Anonymous - 2014-01-23

    Ive just used your proxy searcher and its well set out simple to use and very clear at a glance to see the results. I will definitely use it again. Ive tried 40 or 50 different proxy scrapers of the years as I try and maintain a large list of anonymous L2 and high anonymous L1 proxies.
    As you know proxies are up and down like a whores nickers, so speed is essential for what I need them for. The program I use for its reliability is proxy gatherer, but its slow. Ideally I could do with a program as reliable as proxy gatherer that runs constantly in the background like proxy gobbing, so its constantly maintaining and growing a healthy list.
    Lastly just to be really greedy and want the world if it had a filter that could be set so it only keeps L1 & L2 proxies, that would be the cherry on the cake, and I think you would be onto a winner there.

  • Burd

    Burd - 2014-02-01

    Sorry for late answer and thanks for suggestions! Definitely I will add filtering for transparent proxies (and probably proxies where type cannot be determined). It's a little bit unclear how do you see background working. Could you explain how you see usage of that feature? I cannot promise that will provide this features fast (I am quite busy last months) but I will try to implement them once I have time for that. And than you for good ideas!

  • Burd

    Burd - 2014-06-28

    I am not sure if this list is what you requested. But it's updating after each search in Proxy Searcher so it's more or less up to date. Please let me know if this feature works for you or you still need to have a possibility to run looped background search in Proxy Searcher.



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