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command line mode

  • Eujine Tatarinov

    good time. Have your appplication command prompt parameters for implemet searching in console mode?

  • Burd

    Burd - 2014-01-30

    No, it don't have. But if you describe in details your requirements I will be able to add that feature.

  • Eujine Tatarinov

    THanks for you replay.

    IMHO command line search of proxy might be in such way. Your can change it in any way if it needed.
    In command line mode program don’t show GUI and get some parameters from console for proxy search . Parameter name can be long or short and parameter value must be framed in “ if it contained space symbols.
    Base parameters:
    Long name (short name) (values)
    --ErrorLog (--el) (“Full path to error log file”)
    --OutPut (--o) (“Full path to output file”)
    --ProxyType (--pt) (“HTTP”, “SOCKS”)
    --SearchType (-st) (“” , “by file in folder”, “by address in list”)
    --PageCount (--pc) (1,2, .. and so on )
    --KeyWord (--kw) (“your key word”)
    --CheckMethod (--cm) (“by adres”, “by address and url”, ““, “by address and port”, “manual”)

    If CheckMethod = “by adres” then need additional parameters
    --Addres (--a) (“”)
    --Persistent (--p) (5, 10, 15, .., 95, 10)

    If CheckMethod = “by address and url” then need additional parameters
    --Addres (--a) (“”)
    --CheckKeyWord (--ckw) (“check key word”)

    If CheckMethod = ““ then need additional parameters
    --TimeOut (--to) (time in milliseconds )
    --PacketSize (--ps) (size in bytes)

    In case blank or absent request parameters your add line into Error Log with message
    “Blank parameter “parameter name” ” in case if parameter is blank
    “Absent parameter “parameter name” ” in case if request parameter is absent
    “Error : “Error message”” in case if program generate some exception

    I copy this from blog

  • Burd

    Burd - 2014-02-24

    I will try to implement this mode. Unfortunately I don't have free time now. So I cannot promise that it will be fast.

    Last edit: Burd 2014-02-24

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