Proxy Seacher 2.0 Released

Whats new?

  1. Redesigned grid with search results. Now it is more fancy.
  2. Added possibility to get proxy type for all type of checkers.
  3. Fixed spelling issue.

Thank you for your feedbacks! I have read a lot of them and tried to implement most important requests. In the incoming releases I will try to add blacklist functionality and will investigate how to avoid infected sites, because anti-viruses becomes crazy sometimes. Actually Proxy Searcher do not executes downloaded code, therefore viruses cannot infect your computer. But anti-viruses don't know that and interrupt Proxy Searcher work.

Latest version of program could be downloaded from home page (
If you want to add new features please write your ideas here Help us to make Proxy Searcher better!

Posted by Burd 2013-04-06