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ProxyChains - HTTP and SOCKS / News: Recent posts

New version released (3.1)

this is bugfix release
DNS resolver fixed

Posted by netcreature 2006-03-15

New version released (3.0)

Adds DNS support to proxychains

Posted by netcreature 2006-03-03

New version released (2.0)

Major rewrite of core. new functionality.

Posted by netcreature 2004-03-22

proxychains ver 1.8 is there

New features introduced in this version.
* SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols in addition to HTTP CONNECT.
* Random, Strict and Dynamic chain types.
* Auth types added for HTTP CONNECT and SOCKS 4/5 protocols.
* Configurable tcp timeouts
* and more ...

Posted by netcreature 2003-01-29

proxychains-0.0.1 released

At last, release of proxychains-0.0.1 is posted . Enjoy multiple HTTP proxies in chain. It is very powerfull and easy to use command line tool :)
it connects any TCP client through a given list of proxies (.conf) to the target .
see example(screenshot):
//--------------screenshot start-----------------
bash-2.05$ proxychains telnet 80
Proxy Chains ver 0.0.1 running telnet
chain .... OK
Connected to (
Escape character is '^]'.
//---------------------Screenshot ends----

Posted by netcreature 2002-05-24