Michel Kapel - 2011-07-14

Hello, I found out recently about this very usefull tool.
Unfortunately I'm afraid it will be useless for me …
I'm using a Java VM and my attempts to use proxychains to redirect JVM TCP connections were unsuccessfull.
Of course basic uses of nmap worked so I'm quite sure my settings were OK.

Unfortunately JVM's seem to bypass proxychains completely.
I have no knowledge of either's way of creating TCP sockets but would I be right in assuming that the libraries used are completely different and that would be why proxychains would not see any activity to redirect?

I guess proxychains is watching libconnect.so activity … correct me if I'm wrong,
So the JVM is propably using something else which is not being watched by proxychains.

Config is Linux kernel 2.6.31 (an Ubuntu 09.10 but I don't think that changes much)
JVM is OpenJDK 1.6.0_20

Anyway a good tool to know about.
If you ever hear about a such a solution for Java based software I'd be happy to hear about it.