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protosquared-0.0.16 was released. I simplified the code a lot and it is now a good basis for implementing the XML plugin.

If you're interested, get it at:

Posted by Daniel Holbach 2004-07-03

protosquared-0.0.15 released

After I ran in some hassle, when I didn't include, here are the changes:
This release is a huge step, I managed to get the structure of ActionGenerator and the "plugin system" working, but lots of methods only return dummy values, so be warned: this project still doesn't to anything, but print funny messages. (Also fixed a horrible bug in the Parser)

Posted by Daniel Holbach 2004-06-25

protosquared-0.0.14 released

Hai everyone,

I just released protosquared-0.0.14. It now is capable of reading the new config file format and parsing it, so the next major aim will be the generation of actions.

If anyone of you is interested in the project and has objections concerning the limitations of the config file, have a look at:

Have a nice day.

Posted by Daniel Holbach 2004-06-18

protosquared-0.0.13 released

I released version 0.0.13: it includes small build fixes, restructured the config file and hope to get advice and hints on my thoughts on it on:

The main points are still to be coded, but if you're interested, get the sources at:

Have a nice day,

Posted by Daniel Holbach 2004-05-28

initial release on SourceForge: protosquared-0.0.9

I just released protosquared-0.0.9, don't expect much from it, but i took "release often, release early seriously" :-)

Grab a copy at:

Posted by Daniel Holbach 2004-05-24