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Shaunak De
  • Shaunak De

    Shaunak De - 2008-04-09

    I noticed you had a "help wanted" sign up. I was interested in contributing to this unique project.

    I am a student.
    I have some experience and skill with the following languages:
    * PHP
    * MySQL
    * HTML
    * CSS
    * Java [Only text-book knowledge, no practical experience]

    I would appriciate an oppurtunity to expand my skillset and experience by participating in you project.


    • aschultz

      aschultz - 2008-04-10

      Hi Shaunak,

      Thanks for your interest in helping out.  We're certainly looking to expand the development team and it sounds like you would be a great fit.  To start you might create a user at and join the sandbox project there to experiment with the functionality a bit.  Next, download and install your own instance of the application (make sure to take notes on any problems you have with the install).  Then email webmaster at to set up a phone interview for addition to the development team.

      Look forward to hearing from you,


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