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Donations and support (Help Wanted)

I would like to publicly thank Karoly Negyesi for donating to this project, and for everyone using Protoeditor, posting bug reports, creating packages, icons, reviewing and saying nice things about it to the world.

Now, I'm enabling sourceforge's donation system to this project. So, if the tools available here help you, and you would like to support them, feel free to donate. All donated resources will be used to support the project. Depending on how much is raised, we could even sponsor a few features, offering bounty for them.... read more

Posted by Thiago Silva 2007-08-17

PHP Browser Plugin 0.1beta

I've just released a new plugin for Kate for Browsing PHP source structures. I'm still playing around with it and there are lots of ideas to be implemented, so any feedback is welcome.


Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-09-20


This is the third 1.1 beta release. I didn't find the time (nor the people) to work on other language debuggers (such as perl, python and ruby), so not much improvement has been done about those, since I don't work on a daily basis with them. On the other hand, after long discussions in the forum, I was convinced ( hello Werner :) to implement Protoeditor as a Kate plugin. The result can be found in this release. While working on the plugin, I realized that Protoeditor might not have a long life as stand-alone application (kate is great!).... read more

Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-08-07


Protoeditor 1.1beta2 was just released. Major changes include the Python support using DBGp debugger.

Also, some issues with Perl DBGp support and browser sessions were fixed.

Enjoy it.

Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-07-24


Version 1.1beta is now available.
This version features a major change, wich is the support for Perl using DBGp debugger.
This is a "beta" release because:
-I haven't tested enough (i'm not a Perl programmer ;)
-Internally, Protoeditor was ready for many debuggers, but not many languages. There are still ongoing work in this area.

Anyway, hope you like it!

Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-07-09

Version 1.0 released

Finally the 1.0 version is out.
Amongs other things, some minor bugs were fixed and the "Run to cursor" feature was implemented.
Also, the Protoeditor's Handbook (KDE manual) was finally written and added to the package.
Have fun!

Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-06-25

RPM Packages

Paolo Conti has created (S)RPM packages for the last version of Protoeditor. They were tested with the following distros:
-Mandriva Linux release 2006.0 (Official)
-Mandriva Linux release 2007.0 (cooker)
-pclinuxos Linux release 2005 (Texstar)

Also, Mr Green has informed that a package for Protoeditor is available for Archlinux.

Many thanks to both of you! :)

Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-06-13

beta 0.9

New in Protoeditor:
-Some interface improvements.
-Added extra directory mapping configuration for site settings.
-Added Argument Toolbar to quickly edit scripts arguments.
-Added "New" to the File menu (at least :)
-A few bug fixes.

Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-03-27

beta 0.8

This release features support for a new PHP debugger: Gubed (
Bug fixes and improvements were made on the UI and in the Xdebug module as well.

With Gubed, this release completes the major features for the upcoming 1.0. From here to 1.0, I expect to work only with small improvements and bug fixes.


Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-03-19

beta 0.7

Back online, this release features include:
-executing/debugging local scripts (it's easier, at least :)
-Xdebug support improved.
-and some anoying bugs fixed.


Posted by Thiago Silva 2006-03-13


Hello all. For personal reasons, I'll no longer develop Protoeditor. For some time I'll be offline, and have no access to computers, so I have no choice. If you are interested in taking over the development, I welcome you (check with the sourceforge team, since I have no way to manage this).
Thank you for your support and help.
It was fun!

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-07-22

Beta 0.6.4 released

Some changes on this version:

-Minor improvements and bug fixes.
-"Site:Host" became "Site:URL" (wich makes possible to set something like "http://myhostname:8080/~username")
-Now Supporting Xdebug (

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-06-27

Beta 0.6.3 released

Some changes on the new version:

-DBG Profile improved;
-Added "default script" on Site settings. Users can select wheter to run the current site's script or the
active script on the editor;
-Improved editor tabs and status bar;
-Some bug fixes and minor improvements.

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-04-05

Beta 0.6.2 released

Some of the new features:
-Better integration with Kate editor.
-Front end for the DBG profiler (it's still experimental, but should work fine).

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-03-15

beta_0.6.1 released

New features / Improvements:
-Copy variables to clipboard
-Improved support for DBG options
-Support for Multiple site configurations
-bug fixes and more

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-02-25

Beta 0.5.3 is out

Many Bugfixes and code improvements on this release. New features included like better breakpoint handling, persistent breakpoints and ability to debug using configurable external browser (only tested wth Konqueror). Also, fixed (I hope so) library compatibility issues.

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-02-14

New Beta 0.5.2

This new release was mainly focused on appearence and usability. Protoeditor now looks more like a KDE application. Some custom implementations were removed (such as remembering the window dimension of the last session) favoring the KDE framework. Others were added, like opening recent files, Help/About menu and Toolbars. The application settings are more like the KDE way, and some icons were changed. Finally, some little bugs were fixed.

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-02-07

First release of Protoeditor

The first release is available. Altough it is a beta release, it already support almost everything that was initially planned.

Posted by Thiago Silva 2005-01-28