Hey Matt,

That is a great tool - I was going nuts without it.   I've just added it to the instructions for setting up a standard Skyline developer system.


On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 9:57 AM, Matthew Chambers <matt.chambers42@gmail.com> wrote:
I thought you prolific Skyline branch developers might be interested in this extension if you don't
already have something like it. It works with VS2010 and 2013. I had to look for something when I
had two branches and trunk open at the same time and they all said "pwiz."
>     This lightweight extension will detect whenever two instances of Visual Studio are running
>     with the same window title and change the window title of Visual Studio to include a folder
>     tree with a configurable min depth and max depth distance from the solution/project file.
> With default settings, *SolutionFolder - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)* will be
> rewritten as *SolutionFolderParent\SolutionFolder - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)*.

Hope this helps,

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