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contributed styles as a separate package

All the contributed styles have been put in a separate package.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-14

Many new contributed styles added

Many new styles added (see the "examples" web page for a list).

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-27

Added whitecross style

Added the "white cross" style from A. Ornaghi in the contrib/ directory of the CVS repository.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-27

New contributed style

Andrew Arnt has just donated a new Prosper style : blends

Thank you Andrew!

PPRblends.sty is available separatly in "Files" and will be
added to the next release.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-16

Bug fixes

The CVS tree contains a version of Prosper that
fixes several annoying bugs.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-03

Version 1.00.4 released

Bug fix release:
- fix problems with overlays and enumerate environments
- fix color restoration problem due to the "color" package
- default style is now a very simple one

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-31

Adobe Distiller support

This new version defines the option "distiller" to offer support
for Adobe distiller (creation of a PDF file from a PS file)

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-05

New style

New style "autumn" added to version 1.0h

Posted by Anonymous 2000-11-24