Incremental "subitems"

  • Luis MN Tavora

    Luis MN Tavora - 2002-07-16

    Hi there

    I have just started with Prosper and find it great!

    However, I'm having kind of a silly problem that I haven't been able to solve.

    I want to have a page where both items and "sub-items" appear incrementally at the touch of a Pg-Dn, which is to say that they actually represent different layers. Something like


    I used the code
    \item A
         \item A.1
    \item B

    but that didn't work at all... Actually the slide even disapeared from the pdf file!

    Any clues about what I'm doing wrong here?

    Thx in advance


    • Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

      This works in newest prosper-version:
          \item A
            \item A.1
          \item B

      I added the <code>
      } </code> (guessing that was originally in your code though?) and had to change the inner items to "itemize", otherwise there was an error. Also, FromSlide is unnecessary here, the same effect holds without them.


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