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CVS server changed setup a new CVS backbone (as 2006-05-12), which also resulted in a new CVSROOT string. The server is no longer "", but "".

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2006-05-14

Version 0.2.1

This release is mainly a bugfix release, especially regarding the GUI. But it also contains some changes regarding RELAGGS (no longer restricted to integer indices) and Joins (can be over several columns now).

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2006-01-08

Version 0.2.0

This release contains heaps of bugfixes, complete overhaul of core functionality regarding DB handling (can work with REAL foreign key relations now), complete integration of RELAGGS, additional datasets, etc.

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2005-10-24

Major Update

Re-wrote core routines to make Proper use DB metadata, i.e., foreign key relations, to determine table relations instead of common column names. The previous attempt had problems with to keys in a table pointing to the same table.
The RELAGGS code still needs to be upgraded, to use FK relations.
Besides that lots of bug fixes and also making the CVS module "proper" useable. I.e., after checking out the "proper" module, one needs only to add the Weka and Milk jar archive to have a running Proper system.

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2005-07-23


just finished uploading the source code into the CVS.

Additional (necessary) Software:
- WEKA (
- MILK (
Just download the jar's and put them into proper's "jar" directory

The source code in the CVS is already a little bit more advanced than the one in Version 0.1.1.
Proper can now handle foreign key relations (relations were determined by common column names so far), but the RELAGGS code and the import routine still has to be adapted to this handling...
Hopefully done in a couple of weeks! ;-)... read more

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2005-04-25

Version 0.1.1

now supports also PostgreSQL

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2005-04-25

Version 0.1.0

Upload of the first release finished...

Supports only MySQL

Posted by Peter Reutemann 2005-04-25