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prokyon3 takes a break, but is not dead

Due to the fact that all members of the prokyon3 project are currently busy with their jobs and families we decided to not continue the project for a while.
The main reason is that it's senseless to continue a qt3 based development and porting to qt4 will be a to much work at the moment.
If you look back in the history of prokyon3 you'll notice that it's not the first time this project faces such a situation and I'm convinced that we'll continue later this year.
Please visit our forum for discussions regarding prokyon3's future: read more

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2007-06-03

Prokyon3 0.9.6 released

New in 0.9.6

- CIFS support
- support relative paths in playlists

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2007-01-06

Prokyon3 0.9.6RC1 released

New in 0.9.6RC1

- Enhanced player remote control
- removed obsolete images and icons

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2006-11-22

Prokyon3 0.9.5 released

It took a long time to get from 0.9.5RC1 to 0.9.5 because everyone was busy with other things than prokyon3. We hope that the current release will run smooth on up to date linux distributions because we fixed some distribution specific and gcc related issues.

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2006-10-25

Prelisten HowTo available

Jörg Lesniak provided a great Prelisten HowTo which describes a multi sound card/channel setup. It's available in English and German. See section *documentation* at


Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2006-04-25

prokyon3 0.9.5RC1 released

Version 0.9.5 contains a new prelisten feature and resolved SuSE 10.x issues.

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2006-03-17

prokyon3 0.9.4 released

due to a compile error of 0.9.3 with musicextras enabled we released this bugfix release

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2005-11-14

prokyon 0.9.3 released

- added more translations
- be compatible to 64bit platforms
- UTF-8 and local 8Bit support
- added cover thumbnails to artist and favourite tab
- guess tags from path and filename dialog using regex
- musicextras integration (get album covers, artisit images, lyrics, ... from
the internet and store it within prokyon3)
- support for embedded MySQL including wizard
- FLAC support
- support more album types (normal, sampler, soundtrack, musical, drama,
- personal review notes
- rating of tracks
- generator takes care of rating
- allow customized SQL queries (free MySQL search)
- cd burning via k3b (supports Audio CD, Data CD, Data DVD)
- export and import playlists (m3u and pls)
- copy tracks to directory (usefull for mobile mp3 players)
- preconfigured for different players (xmms, amarok, totem)
- mixxx remote control and mixxx queues
- basic MusicBrainz suppor- supermount / subfs support

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2005-11-11

prokyon3 0.9.3RC2 released

New in prokyon3 0.9.3 RC2:

- kicked out dependency to MySQL client lib wich caused strange errors
- rewrite of MySQL embedded server wizard and startup code
- kicked out dependency to xmlwrapp
- integrated musicextras feature 'album tracks'
- fixed [ 1241431 ] Prokyon spawns many player instances
- fixed [ 1248716 ] prokyon 0.9.3 & mysql4.1 : auth error
- fixed [ 1287742 ] Playlist's size MB wraps around at 2 GB
- added more translations

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2005-10-21

prokyon3 0.9.3RC1 released

New in prokyon3 0.9.3 RC1:

- be compatible to 64bit platforms
- improved submount support (SuSE 9.x) and refectored automount support in general
- small bugfixes
- added polish translation

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2005-05-27

prokyon3 0.9.3beta5 released

New in prokyon3 0.9.3 beta5:

- increased performance
- storing custom queries
- fixed bug [ 1172417 ] 3-0.9.3beta4 Compilation errors
- fixed bug [ 1167533 ] EXTRADATA_GUI undeclared


Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2005-04-21

prokyon3 0.9.3beta4 released

- UTF-8 and local 8Bit support
- completed german and french translation
- applied patch [ 1083579 ] "disable mixx edit lines in the settings window"
by Ashar Voultoiz
- applied patch [ 1084719 ] xmms play in album tab view by Ashar Voultoiz
with small fixes
- added support for blended background images
- added gcc 3.4.x support for embedded MySQL realted code
- added multitrack delete capability
- added more tooltips
- GUI improvements.
- cosmetic fixes for tagdump2
- album categories now displayed localized
- enabled album cover thumbnails on album tab
- fixed album cover thumbnail behaviour on favourites tab and during zapping
musicextras data
- fixed bug by clearing albumImageThumbnails on disconnect
- extended database creation dialog to rudimental support databases running on
other machines than localhost
- disabled InnoDB storage engine for embedded MySQL
- moved embedded MySQL config file to $HOME/.qt/prokyon3my.cnf to avoid
conflicts with other applictions
- fixed bug on track number sort order
- solved slackware compile problem
- solved problem when X library path is part of default system ones
- solved problems with MySQL related configure switches
- solved problems with flac related configure switches
- fixed xgettext make error
- fixed a crash when reading a CD using embedded MySQL
- fixed bug [ 1052302 ] Track list is not read if Alb. tab is empty
- fixed bug [ 1122741 ] Only some albums can be sorted
- fixed bug [ 1009663 ] Config file is created group- and world-readable
- fixed bug [ 1099237 ] Different Spaces count -> Crash
- fixed bug [ 1076328 ] musicextras output crashes xml parser
- fixed bug [ 1087062 ] Tracks enqueued to mixxx dont apper in mixxx
- fixed bug [ 1070640 ] artist list goes up on syncronise
- fixed bug [ 998608 ] ID is not depending of locale settings any-more.
Please note that CDROM entered using previous version of prokyon3 should be
removed and synchronized again.
- fixed bug [ 1080983 ] 0.9.3b1 QTDIR not defined in configure

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2005-03-16

prokyon3 0.9.3beta2 released

- improved copying of playlist to directory
- added cover thumbnails to artist and favourite tab
- bugfix: playing large playlist
- bugfix: prevent corruption of album table
- bugfix: gcc 3.3.4 support for embedded MySQL
- bugfix: segfault if configured --with-musicextras=no
- small bugfixes

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2004-12-10

prokyon3 0.9.3beta1 released

After the 0.9.2 release we took a break because everybody was very busy with his job / family. But during the last half year prokyon3 was heavily developed and extended. Now we released the first beta of 0.9.3. Due to the big list of technical changes since 0.9.2 we decided to release public beta version(s) this time and invite you for testing and helping us developing a stable 0.9.3 release. If you want to tell us any issues about 0.9.3beta, please use the prokyon3 0.9.3 PublicBetaTest forum.... read more

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2004-11-26

SuSE 9.1 rpm of prokyon3 0.9.2 available

Christophe Vandeplas created a rpm of prokyon 0.9.2 for SuSE 9.1:

Warning: SuSE 9.1 users MUST have CDs mounted in any drives before starting prokyon3 0.9.2. Otherwise prokyon3 will segfault :-(

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2004-09-08

static i686 binary with MySQL embedded available

It includes all libraries like qt3 and an embedded mysql server.
You just need an xfree server and a linux kernel. That's all...

All this in a upx-compressed binary less than 5M...
With wide-spread of fast internet connexion, this is by far the easiest way to download and try prokyon3 for most GNU/linux users.

There is virtually no install and creation and connection to the mysql database is fully automatic.....

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2004-01-06

FLAC support added

Matthew Hughes added FLAC support to prokyon3. A patch for prokyon3 0.9.2 is available at

FLAC support will also be part of the upcoming release of prokyon3 0.9.3 which will also offer some other new features.

Stay tuned!


Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2004-01-04

prokyon3 0.9.2 debian package available at unstable tree

Thanks to Gustavo Franco prokyon3 0.9.2 is available at the debian unstable tree:

Bugs regarding this package can be reported through Debian BTS (Bug Tracking System) at

Markus Kalkbrenner

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-11-18

prokyon3 0.9.2 for debian requires testers

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-10-30

Mandrake rpms of prokyon3 0.9.2 available

Thanks to Maxim Heijndijk we're able to offer binary and source rpms of prokyon3 0.9.2 for Mandrake 9.1 and 9.2.

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-10-28

prokyon3 0.9.2 released

After providing two release candidates we are proud to annonce the availability of the final version of prokyon3 0.9.2.

Have fun!

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-10-09

release candidate 2 of prokyon3 0.9.2 is out

RC2 just contains some bugfixes compared to RC1.

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-09-12

release candidate 1 of prokyon3 0.9.2 is out

prokyon3 0.9.2 RC1 is out.

prokyon3 0.9.2 will bring several enhancements and bugfixes:
- smart playlist generator
- rudimental CD burning support
- MySQL4 support
- gcc 3.3 support
- QT3.2 support
- many gui improvements
- save gui setup
- bugfixes
- documentation added
- localization (french, german and dutch already supported)

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-09-01

translators wanted


The upcoming release of prokyon will be localized. We already translated it to french, german and dutch. Anybody who wants to help us by translating it to another language is welcome!

The current CVS version is stable from our point of view and contains a lot of enhancements and bugfixes. The source is also compatible to gcc 3.3 now. It would be nice if you test it and give us some feedback!

Stay tuned for prokyon3 0.9.2 :-)... read more

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-08-20

Documentation available

We started the documentation of prokyon :-)
First results are available at our homepage:

Posted by Markus Kalkbrenner 2003-07-24

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