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SCO OSes ship with UDI

It just occurred to me that we never announced this in this group. Both of the SCO System V OSes now ship with UDI in the base OS.

UnixWare 7.1.3

The predecessor OS to this one ("OpenUNIX 8.0.0", ) was the first
shipping OS to include UDI in 05/01. This new version started
shipping in December or so and contains numerous enhancements
and conformance to the UDI implementation, all of which have
been contributed back to the public reference port my team.... read more

Posted by Robert Lipe 2003-04-01

New UDI Reference snapshot.

I have just created a new tarball of the UDI reference implementation and placed it in the file download area for the convenience of those that don't want to use CVS to get the source.

This implementation of the Uniform Driver Interface support Linux 2.2 through 2.4, OpenServer 5, UnixWare 7, and OpenUNIX 8. It also has ports for FreeBSD and Darwin in progress.

Posted by Robert Lipe 2001-10-01

Linux UDI environment ready for 2.4.x kernels

The UDI environment for Linux, provided as part of the UDI reference implementation, has been upgraded to work with 2.4.x kernels.

Support for the 2.4 series of Linux kernels includes the GIO, Bridge, SCSI, and NIC mappers.

In addition to providing 2.4 support for those mappers, the upgrade also contains code that enables zero-copy network receive operations for certain UDI NIC drivers. While this code is still under development at this time, it already serves to demonstrate that UDI drivers need not suffer from performance limitations in comparison with other driver models and that it allows OS implementation versatility without "breaking" the drivers.... read more

Posted by Robert Lipe 2001-08-09

ProjectUDI POSIX environment for Darwin now available.

A port of ProjectUDI's POSIX test environment reference implementation
has been provided for the Darwin 1.3.3 (MacOS 10.0.3) operating system.
In addition to the existing FreeBSD, Solaris, UnixWare and Linux POSIX
environments, the Darwin port is the latest UDI POSIX environment port.

This is more proof that that the Project UDI POSIX environment provides
a portable verification and prototyping UDI environment that implements
UDI (the Uniform Driver Interface) in a non-kernel environment.... read more

Posted by Robert Lipe 2001-06-09

UDI Reference Implementation released

We are pleased to announce the initial release of a reference implementation of UDI, the Uniform Driver Interface. UDI provides advanced features in a driver programming model, source portability scross OSes and binary portability within a CPU architecture.

Initial environments provided are in varying degress of completion, but include Linux, SCO UnixWare, SCO OpenServer, and Sun Solaris. Additional environments are on the way and we welcome additional ports and drivers.... read more

Posted by Robert Lipe 2001-02-14