v0.96 faster, less bugs

The computer equivalent of a taxi cab fare meter. Clocks your time, what you've been working on and adds up how much $ you should charge clients. http://projecttimer.sf.net/

* Added Tree View option, can be enabled in the options menu
* The project's task view is faster, if there's too many tasks, next/prev links will be added at the end.
* Fix for crash when loading things with control characters.
* Added "Quit without saving" button in the import/export dialog.
* Sort the recently opened files list so that the most recently opened file comes first.
* Extra fixes if the user moves the windows out of bounds.
* Changed the main menu color to the system default instead of the old cyan.
* Assorted other error catches for unexpected behaviour.

Changes for v0.95(forgot to post a news item for this release)...
* New invoice page, button at top right corner of individual project page.
* Better selections in the group filter(top of the main screen)
* Timeout on the "timers are still running" message to avoid halting computer shutdowns.
* Ability to ignore web update errors for offline users.
* Added exit button on the tray icon.
* Press escape to exit out of most dialogs
* Returns to the same selection window search box after a move, edit,etc.
* New/Save buttons in the import/export dialog.
* Support multiple deletes in Auto move dialog.
* .msi installer
* Associates .PCFareMeter with the application.
* Drag and drop support for .PCFareMeter files.

Posted by niknah 2007-07-09

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